Friday Reads #2 ● June 12, 2020

Hello everyone, and hope you are all having a nice Friday. Excited for the weekend! I started this post series to have a weekly wrap up of my reading progress, especially to check on how I am doing with my 20 Books of Summer ’20.



12479392._sy475_After one and a half weeks, I finished Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb. This huge chunk of a book was such a delight, and a great conclusion to the Liveship Traders trilogy. In terms of plot, the first half was very exciting, but I found that the last 30% was my favourite because after reading so many different characters for 2 books, here was where all their lives intertwine.

Robin Hobb writes such great characters, although in this book I did find that I cared less for some of them, and that made me less interested in their point of views. For example, I was much more invested in Althea and Kennit’s chapters rather than Malta and Reyn’s, also any of the serpents and dragon. I found those two plots a bit unimportant, and I especially disliked the Satrap’s character. In the end there were also characters that I loved to hate, like Kennit, and Malta. All of the characters in this series were so well written that I am sure I will not forget them for a long time. Ultimately, I loved the themes of liveship and dragons, social class differences, personal struggle with duty and love, and family. It was a great conclusion to the series, and I am happy I read it.


40642323A book I’m listening in audio format is The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay. It was part of my Asian Readathon TBR and I’ve heard amazing things about it. So far I am halfway into the book, and I am loving the storytelling, the main character, and the historical commentary. I am learning so much about India and its different cities! Not to mention the writing style is just beautiful and a delight to listen to.

34640572._sy475_On top of that, I started State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury. I bought this book secondhand and was surprised to find how pretty it is in real life! It makes me enjoy the reading experience even more. The story is set in an incredible fantasy world where our main character was born amidst sadness and conflict in her country. She was named Sorrow, and though I’m very early into the book so far, I still find her a very strong and interesting character as she is thrust into leadership and a lot of responsibility. On top of that we get to explore various themes of guilt and grief, but also drug addiction and family. I find myself having difficulties liking young-adult fantasy books, but I’m hoping this one will be a good one. The writing style is also very beautiful, and really encapsulates the dark atmosphere that I’m reading so far.


Number of pages read: 393 pages (Ship of Destiny) + 190 pages (The Far Field) + 144 pages (State of Sorrow) = 727 pages

Number of books finished: 1

Total books finished this summer

What books did you read his week? Let’s talk about them in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Friday Reads #2 ● June 12, 2020

  1. The Far Field sounds really interesting – I hadn’t heard of it before but it seems very up my street! This week I read Murder Must Advertise, which I enjoyed but it felt a bit dated in its attitudes so I didn’t love it as much as I’ve loved other books in the series.

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      1. Depends what you mean by cosy – it is a Golden Age mystery and it’s not a police procedure or thriller, but it doesn’t hold to the cosy mystery conventions of being bloodless or sexless. It’s pretty violent and there is a lot of cocaine in it!

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    1. I do like Malta’s growth, but for some reason in this last book I just had less interest in her story… Maybe her cliche’d naughty insolent spoilt girl faces reality through physical labour is a bit too typical for me. And no, I absolutely did not see Kennit’s plot twist! I thought it was very well done 😉


      1. A friend who ended up re reading this series to appreciate the impact and me were discussing the ’empty vessel’ /children subtext when it comes to awakening of liveships and you’ll see an even bigger correlation when you progress into the next series 😉

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      2. Ooooooh interesting! I definitely am planning to continue with the next books in the series, so I’m excited to catch some correlations there 🙂 Have you read all books by Robin Hobb?


      3. No no I have 6 left of the main books of the elderlings left, don’t plan to read the smaller random books that come in between (the ones that Goodreads gives numbers like 1.5 etc)
        I started Robin hobb only about two years ago..I still feel new myself 😂

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      4. Ah yes, I also haven’t gotten through much of them. Only 6 so far myself… I feel also like a newbie but also quickly falling in love with the world ❤


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