Things I’ve been doing without a screen during lockdown

Even though lockdown here in the Netherlands is easing, I am still mostly working from home and trying as much as possible to not go out too much. I have encountered a lot of people developing hobbies at home, but they would complain that most of them involves screens. Moving from scrolling on your phone, to watching TV, to watching Youtube on your laptop, all day long just sitting and staring at a screen is not the best thing you can do right now. So here are some things I’ve been doing that might inspire you to get off your electronic devices and have some fun!


This is probably an obvious one, but my favourite activity to do at home! Reading, especially physical paper, makes me so happy and lets time go by so quickly. I mostly do it during the daylight hours, enjoying the sun in my balcony or under the covers on a colder day.


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As I’ve mentioned several times in my monthly Here and Now post, one of my favourite arts and crafts hobby is crochet. It involves a hook, and from a ball of yarn you can create all sorts of shapes and textures that I just love. I started out almost two years ago with making small dolls and stuffed animals, which eventually evolved to other functional stuff.

img_2527If you’re looking for simple patterns or tutorials, Youtube has an abundance of videos for beginners. Simple projects you can start with can be making a plant hanger, reusable cotton pads, making a mug coaster, or if you’re more of a fashionista, you can definitely try making socks, scarves, or beanies.

Lately I’ve been deep in a longer project: sweaters! I’m making a cropped sweater based on this pattern, and it has taken quite a lot of effort and time, because it takes up more yarn than, for example, making small keychains. I’m excited to finish it, though I’ll probably have to wait several months before the weather is cold enough for me to wear it outside 😀

Cleaning and decluttering


If you know me, you know how much I love decluttering. I feel like my housemates think of me as the person who throws everything to the trash can! From the beginning of the year I’ve been consciously trying to implement a minimalist lifestyle. From doing the 30-Day Minimalist Challenge, I’ve been decluttering my things and what remains are a selection of objects that I deeply treasure and that serve an important function in my daily life.

However once a week or so I would spend some time just sitting down on the floor of my (already small and decluttered) bedroom, and just clean up some parts of the room, throwing away things I do not need anymore and cleaning all the accumulated dust (and all the fallen hair). I find it relaxing and frankly, fun, and the end result is something that makes me happier to stay in my home.

A slower and more mindful skincare routine

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI have always had problematic skin, with lots of acne and constantly red and oily skin ever since I hit puberty. But the past few months have been miraculously the months where I’ve had the best skin in years. And I owe it to me spending more time and care into my skincare routine.

Keeping my products constant and not changing them up too often, also not making them too complicated was important for me, and the fact that I take more care in doing them twice a day, plus oftentimes not wearing makeup anymore, was really beneficial to me. I also now spend more thought to use face masks or more natural products like honey, that I would’ve skipped if I were too busy or tired from going outside for work.

Boardgames/tabletop games

My handpainted D&D character

I’m sure most of you have played some really fun boardgames lately, and it is one of the best ways to have fun with your friends, challenge your brain (or your luck) a bit, but also not having to look at a screen!

My recent game with my housemates is Dungeons and Dragons, which is super fun and immersive, and sometimes do involve a screen because I do have my character sheet in my laptop. However most of the time we spend our time discussing tactics, rolling dice, and moving around our character figurines, and it is such great fun. I’ve also been painting characters of D&D to use in the game, and that has been super relaxing and artsy.

Indoor sports

I found myself working out more now that we are on lockdown. The thing is just that I have so much extra time that I would usually spend commuting to and from work, and now I have no excuse not to spend at least half an hour a day taking care of my body and ensuring that I stay healthy and fit.


My indoor sport of choice has always been yoga, though recently I’ve also been liking HIIT (high intensity interval training). Even though most of you would use screens to find Youtube videos or have online classes, I also have some audio workouts that guide you without having you to look at your laptop all the time. With my Classpass subscription I can access free audio yoga sessions that range from ten minutes to thirty minutes, that are great to follow if you already know the basic positions.

What have you been doing during lockdown, and which activities would you recommend us doing? Let’s talk to each other in the comments down below, and stay safe!

5 thoughts on “Things I’ve been doing without a screen during lockdown

  1. Awesome things you are doing – I am glad you keeping yourselves occupied and healthy during this difficult. Hope this inspires others as well. Keep up good work and till we meet again.

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  2. After resisting my mom and grandmother’s attempts to teach me how to crochet when I was young, I’ve found I really enjoy it. Alas, I need a new prescription for my glasses because my arms aren’t long enough to see what I’m doing while crocheting!

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  3. Great post! I’m glad you’ve found so many screen-free ways to get through lockdown. I used to crochet a lot when I was younger, but it’s been ages since I’ve done any. Great idea, though — I’ll have to look and see if I still have any hooks in my house. Besides reading, my other favorite screen-free diversion lately is jigsaw puzzles, although I tend to get obsessed once I start one and can’t leave it alone until I finish. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lisa ❤ Crochet is a new hobby for me, but I have a feeling it'll stick with me for a long time… it makes me feel like a grandma and I'm sure when I later on do become a grandma I'll still be doing it! 😀

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