2019 Travel Highlights

Hi everyone, it's Ayunda. I'm sure you're probably wondering, who is this person and what is she doing on my feed? You might not notice but I've been pausing my blogging activities for a few months now. I've been busy with general life, work and activities, that I didn't make the time to blog anymore. … Continue reading 2019 Travel Highlights


Churches, blue skies and historical buildings – Ghent, Belgium

On Valentine's Day I spent my day with my mom on a one-night visit to Ghent, a small town in Belgium around 2 hours train ride from The Hague where I live. It's a beautiful, typical European city with lots of things to visit, and it was a very enjoyable two days spent, with great … Continue reading Churches, blue skies and historical buildings – Ghent, Belgium

My 2018 travel highlights

Hello all, welcome back to my blog! December is the month of wrapping the year up, looking back and reminiscing of how the year has gone by, both in a good way and a bad way. This year I had a blast travel-wise. I have been lucky enough to live in Europe, and every month I try to go somewhere new with the people I love and try to explore the world through amazing experiences. These are some of the highlights of my year in traveling.

The sandy dunes by the beach – Westduinpark The Hague

Hi all, hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Last week me and my two friends had a little adventuring with our bicycles to the dunes of The Hague. Since the city of The Hague is located near the sea, it hosts a range of different parks - from the tall trees of Haagse Bos, to the beautifully maintained garden of the Palestuin, to the dune nature preserve by the sea, called Westduinpark (or West Dune Park).