20 Books of Summer 2020 – TBR

Hosted by Cathy @ 746books, this is a three-month “readathon” which challenges us to read 20 books during the summer of 2020! I debated whether I should join in, because I normally read only 3-4 books per month, and this readathon encourages me to read 5-6 books a month.


However, I recently came across Bookertalk’s TBR post that didn’t list the whole TBR of books they are planning to read, but more an unlisted version with categories and plans to read. So I thought I’d do something like that and set up some general goals.

The Fantasy books

I have been in a huge fantasy kick lately, and I feel like I need to educate myself with more of the “classic” fantasy series! I will continue on the Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb by starting the Tawny Man trilogy. I’m also planning to read the Witcher series by Andrej Sapkovski, and maybe start the Dark Elf trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. Also some YA fantasy if I have the time. This will be the main bulk of my reading for this summer, so I’m super excited!

My goal is also to read the series back to back instead of spreading them apart, since from my experience I have more hype and excitement if once I finish a book in a series, I immediately continue on with it.

Physical TBR

I have several unread physical books lying around in my bookshelf that I would love to get into! They are indeed much shorter and hopefully quicker to read than my fantasy ones, so I can slip them in whenever I am not in the mood for fantasy.

The Audiobooks

I hope I can also read some of the fantasy books I mentioned above in audio format, in case I’m commuting or doing something else. However I also have a lot of novels in the TBR of my audiobook subscription, Storytel, that I am excited to get to! If you have a Storytel account, do let me know what you’ve been reading and any recommendations.

The Goal

  1. Read during all my spare time. I’ve always been a person with various hobbies going on at the same time, so it isn’t always the case where if I have a spare time, I would immediately grab a book. Now I will try to spend most of my spare time reading instead of watching shows, or gaming, or scrolling on my phone.
  2. Read 1,000-2,000 pages per week. This seems like a better way for me to track my reading instead of number of books, because as you can see I have a lot of chunky fantasy novels in my TBR. This way, I will not get discouraged if I don’t finish a book quickly, and get motivated to see progress in the number of pages instead of number of books.
  3. Squeeze in audiobooks and shorter books in between. Though my focus this summer is to read those hefty fantasy tomes, I hope to also read some contemporary and lighter topics in between.
  4. Track my page count in my notebook and wrap it up every week. This might not be feasible in the future, we will see, but I am loving the idea of tracking how many pages I read every day, to motivate myself and also push myself in days where I’ll be lagging.

I am not 100% positive I will reach 20 books this summer. But it’s worth a try, right? If you are joining in #20BooksofSummer20 as well, link your TBR post in the comments and we can support each other this summer!

24 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2020 – TBR

  1. I like the idea of reading by category and not just making a list. Also, I like your idea to jump into a series and read straight through. I always wait way too long between sequels and then I have a harder time getting into it. Enjoy your summer reading!

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m really in the mood to dive into a good fantasy world and get to know the place and the magic throughout different books.


    1. Definitely! I’m not really sure I will even reach 15… we’ll see 😀 It’s a bit geeky of me to be excited with planning and scheduling, but I’m rubbish at actually executing those TBRs and goals hahaha! Best of luck for all of us.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve never heard of Knitlandia, and to be honest I do not knit either! I’m trying to learn it, but so far my craft of choice is crochet 😉


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