Friday Reads #1 ● June 5, 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever Friday Reads! I was inspired by a lot of Youtubers who post their weekly reading updates every Friday, especially Rincey and Lindsey. It feels more relaxed and chatty, and I thought since I'm participating in the 20 Books of Summer '20, why not update my reading progress … Continue reading Friday Reads #1 ● June 5, 2020

Recently Watched: Movies I watched in Dec, Jan, and Feb

I feel like it's been ages since I talked to you about the movies I recently watched, but it's that time of the month to wrap up all the movies I watched! Lately I really haven't been watching many films, but the ones I watched I will talk about here quite briefly. Also do not … Continue reading Recently Watched: Movies I watched in Dec, Jan, and Feb

December reading wrap up

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! It's the time of the month again for another monthly wrap up, and the last wrap up of this year! December was a cold month, there are happy times and also sad times. The beginning of the month started off a little weak with me not reading much, but I pushed myself to read more books I'm excited for midway through.