Here and now: October!

Hi there, and welcome back to my blog! October has been filled with ups and downs... I had my birthday in the beginning of the month and had a lovely day filled with people I love most. And sorry I've been missing from commenting around the blogs lately cause I've been quite ill and haven't … Continue reading Here and now: October!


10 books to read this autumn

Autumn is definitely well under way where I am here, with cold crisp air, the trees turning yellow and brown, the occasional rainy days. Rainy days are the perfect excuse to stay at home under the blanket and read, and in this post I have five books with autumn vibes that I'd recommend and an addition five books that I would love to read this autumn. Let's get on right to it!

My blog is one year old! – And a little about myself

A couple of days ago last year, I decided to "revive" my old writing blog and turn it into Ayundabhuwana's Blog, the blog you see and follow today. I cannot believe it has been a year, and it was so lovely joining the book blogging community with all the book recommendations and unique blogs and … Continue reading My blog is one year old! – And a little about myself

Middle-aged men without women: Book Review

Through seven stories with an underlying theme of loneliness and dark pasts, Haruki Murakami returns with his characteristic writing style and unique take on the world with the short story collection Men Without Women. Highly intrigued by the title, and slightly hoping it would be a book full of women glorification, this collection was the … Continue reading Middle-aged men without women: Book Review