August wrap up

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. It's been a while since I posted! I unfortunately was quite busy these past few weeks. August has been busy, busy busy. Filled with reunions, warm sunny days, cycling under trees, exploring book markets by the river, and a not so very successful readathon. I will not … Continue reading August wrap up


Can’t take my eyes off the screen: Recently Watched

In a small town in Germany, a man hangs himself in his attic. The camera pans towards a photograph of him and his family: a lovely wife, a dashing young man, a little girl, and his mother. Then the scene skips several months ahead in August, throwing us into moments of a loss child, troubled … Continue reading Can’t take my eyes off the screen: Recently Watched

Bout of Books Readathon TBR

Time for another readathon TBR! After last month's near-success with the 24-in-48 readathon, I'm excited to do more readathons this summer. Coincidentally, two readathons are happening at the same week, so I'd like to mix these two together and try to read as much as possible. Femme Fan Tale readathon Hosted by Jean on Youtube, … Continue reading Bout of Books Readathon TBR