5 Library books I loved in 2018

I love libraries. I've always loved borrowing novels and exploring new books from my library. I even was featured as the person who borrowed the most books in my school library one month! And I recently started my library subscription in my local city library, which has been amazing and life-changing. I love just browsing … Continue reading 5 Library books I loved in 2018


10 Long books I love

It's time for book recommendations! I feel like sharing my own list of books I'd definitely recommend that are at least 400 pages long. I personally love long books. Especially if they're written well! Of course it might seem a little intimidating to read something longer than 500 pages, but that's why in this post I want to showcase how awesome long books are and how people should read thick tomes more!

10 books to read this autumn

Autumn is definitely well under way where I am here, with cold crisp air, the trees turning yellow and brown, the occasional rainy days. Rainy days are the perfect excuse to stay at home under the blanket and read, and in this post I have five books with autumn vibes that I'd recommend and an addition five books that I would love to read this autumn. Let's get on right to it!

Standalones: Alone but not Lonely

When I was a young girl, and I was so in love with reading and falling in love with characters, I used to devour books that are in series: series of four books, five books, even the amazing twenty-one-book series of the Famous Five. Nowadays I still occasionally read books in a series, but most of … Continue reading Standalones: Alone but not Lonely