Recently Watched: Movies I watched in March & April

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! In this little post I’d like to wrap up the films that I watched in the past two months. Though this year has been a weird film-watching year for me, because I haven’t been watching as much as I used to, I still want to talk about the few ones I managed to watch with friends.


  • Close: a thrilling, action-packed movie starring Noomi Rapace, is a fun exciting watch but lacked in emotional attachment to the viewers. Sometimes the pacing also felt a little off and I found myself feeling bored.
  • Balto: we decided to watch this randomly just because we found it cute – and indeed it was a fun little animation about a half-dog-half-wolf and his life trying to fit in the small village in the cold North as a sled dog.


Man Up

mv5bmtuzodcxndcxml5bml5banbnxkftztgwode1njm4nte40._v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_This random rom-com starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell might have a boring and typical premise, and could’ve gone a wrong way and made it super bad, but I found myself surprisingly enjoying this film and being really entertained by these two characters. Overall it was true that I’m not a huge romance movie and so some parts felt a little cheesy and unreal, but the movie was fun, funny, and heartwarming at times.

mv5bmzm1oti4ndm4nl5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdawodg2ndm40._v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_When We First Met

Yet another rom-com movie! I found myself not being too interested with the premise of this one, and I think in the end I didn’t really like this movie. It was a mixture of fun time-travely bits that had too many plotholes, but also had some plot twists that were predictable in the end. None of the characters felt very lovable, and overall just a fun watch with friends.


Though I quite liked Split, this one was not as good for me. I think this highly anticipated film was a little too dark for me at the time that I was watching it, and there were aspects that made the movie a little too slow and stagnant. The ending was great, and it’s a great film to watch together with friends, but not an amazing watch.


mv5bmte0ywfmotmtytu2zs00ztixlwe3otetytniyzbkzjvizthixkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyodmzmzq4oti40._v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_Captain Marvel

This movie starring Brie Larsson has received a lot of buzz due to its release not too far from the final Avengers movie, but was met with mixed reviews overall. I found myself having a lot of fun while watching it, I really liked the character herself and her story arc, and of course the special effects and action sequences were spot on. I really liked her human aspects of the story, her relationship with the characters and the final act was super fun.


I had high hopes coming into this film because I LOVED Get Out, and the trailer for this one looks amazing. It is definitely something that is different from Get Out, but has its own interesting elements that remind you of the two films’ creator. I loved the concept, and how the story moves on from that unique premise, and the acting is fantastic. The music as well is incredible, and overall I didn’t really find it very scary, but still super thrilling and memorable.


One of the many thriller mystery films that I’ve heard of and have always wanted to watch but never did, I was again pleasantly surprised by how much I was into this one. It’s special in the way that everything is shot through videos or screens of a laptop, and that medium can either fail or work, but in this one I think it worked brilliantly. The urgency and the panic that you feel throughout the film feels so real, and it was conveyed in an excellent way by John Cho. I loved the twist in the end, and overall it actually really moved me on top of also making the watchers root for the characters and scream or jump or exclaim all throughout the film during the exciting scenes.

Avengers: Endgame

Of course, the most popular and most talked about film of the year and maybe for the years to come! We watched it in Dolby Digital which really envokes the colours and amazingness of the film, and of course since it’s the final movie of the entire cinematic universe it’s epic and filled with fanservice and made me cry. I really had a great time, it didn’t feel as long as it was, and it’s filled with so much amazingness.

What movies did you watch lately, and which are your favourites? Let’s talk in the comments down below! To get more information about the movies I watch, don’t forget to add me as a friend on Letterboxd where I update the movies I watched.

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8 thoughts on “Recently Watched: Movies I watched in March & April

  1. I think Balto is a great animation. Based on a true story, moving and heart-warming, and voiced by Kevin Bacon and Phil Collins. It is very underrated.
    I also cannot wait to know the twist in Searching. I have heard many good things about this movie.

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  2. I watched Us and Endgame too. I like Us more in retrospect the more I talk about it but didn’t like it much while watching because of my expectations, and because it wasn’t scary. Endgame was good. A little too slow, but good. I liked the last battle.

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