Muiderslot: a travel back to Medieval times

The Muiden Castle, locally known as the Muiderslot, is a daytrip away from Amsterdam, and not a very known trip destination for international visitors. As a person who has been living in Holland for over three years, even I myself did not know this place existed until only recently. However on an uncommonly warm spring … Continue reading Muiderslot: a travel back to Medieval times

The sandy dunes by the beach – Westduinpark The Hague

Hi all, hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Last week me and my two friends had a little adventuring with our bicycles to the dunes of The Hague. Since the city of The Hague is located near the sea, it hosts a range of different parks - from the tall trees of Haagse Bos, to the beautifully maintained garden of the Palestuin, to the dune nature preserve by the sea, called Westduinpark (or West Dune Park).