Another long weekend TBR!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog. Thank you for visiting this post! Today is a Friday, and starting from Friday I will have a four-day weekend, just chilling at home and not doing much in particular. So I though I might make myself a TBR and try to track the number of pages I read throughout Friday to Monday. It would be a nice challenge for me to read more books off my unread books pile, and to know how much I can read in four days at home. I tried a week-long readathon during my lockdown several weeks ago and documented them with page count as well, and I found it super fun.

Here are some loose planning for my day.

  1. Wake up slightly earlier than I would normally do on weekends.
  2. Read throughout the rest of the morning, if the weather is nice, outside on the balcony, otherwise just on my bed.
  3. Read throughout the late afternoon, except when I need to clean the house or play some games with my boyfriend.
  4. After dinner, I usually hang out with my housemates or play some boardgames, but I will try to read at least one hour before going to bed, no matter how late it is.

As you can see I normally wake up early and enjoy reading more under the sunlight than after the sun sets. I love reading in the late morning, for some reason I have more energy and concentration when I do that instead of at night with a night light before I sleep. But for this weekend I will try to put aside any socializing and read more after dinner!

And finally the books I plan on reading for four days.

Of course, I probably won’t read them all this weekend, but having a variety of choice is always nice.

There’s quite a mix of genres here, several Asian novels (one of them translated, the other Indonesian) I’m planning to read for the Asian readathon, a nonfiction book in case I’m in the mood for one, a historical novel I’m actually in the middle of that I’m really really enjoying, and a fantasy book that I’ve been wanting to read for a while, since I loved the first two books in the series and I need to get to it soon!

Most of them are quite short (less than 300 pages), so I hope I can finish at least one book this weekend. I normally only read 1-2 books at the same time, one normal one and one audiobook, and I’m almost halfway through Days of Distraction (the audiobook format) now, so I hope to finish it soon and then move on to focus on all physical copies for the weekend.

What are your plans for your weekend? Any “readathons” or TBRs in plan? Share them with me in the comments!

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