Here and Now: May

May is a month of staying at home, finding hobbies and reigniting my love for old ones, reading under the sun in the balcony, and enjoying company with the people who matter the most. It has been a month of uncertainty and mixed feelings, but when it comes to books and escaping reality, I think I had a successful month in trying to make sure I entertain myself in the best kind of way.

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I am so so happy that my city library is open again! I unfortunately didn’t get to borrow any books before it closed, and I miss just browsing through the bookshelves again. However the library does not allow us to just walk around the bookshelves aimlessly and so far only allows online reservations. I managed to snatch Educated by Tara Westover, which I’ve been meaning to read for so long because of all the good reviews it has had. I am now currently reading it and having a great time.


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As usual in my Here and Now I update you with my yearly Goodreads Reading Challenge progress. I am so proud to say that I am 6 books ahead of schedule right now! From the week-long readathon I did several weeks ago, and reading more during quarantine, I’m so happy that I have more time to read more. I am excited to see if this streak will continue for the rest of the year!

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mv5bndq5ndziyjktzmfmmy00mjaxltk1mdktogzjyty5yte1oddmxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjcwmzezmtu40._v1_uy268_cr20182268_al_My boyfriend and I have been slowling going through the entire series of Community, since it’s now on Netflix! I watched this series for the first time when I was still in high school, and I’m surprised to find it still so relevant and how unique its screenwriting is, even until now. It’s funny and the characters are people we just love to hate. It’s also a great one to watch when you’re not in the mood for anything, or something light to watch when we are having a quick lunch on a weekday.

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Recently I participated in the 30 Day Minimalism Game, in which for a month, you commit to throwing away things you do not need. On day 1 you throw away 1 item, on day 2 you throw away 2, and so on until the last day of the month. It was a very exciting thing for me, to declutter and decide which things are valuable to me and which are not. Things like clothes, memorabilia, souvenirs, apps on my phone, expired toiletries, all went out of my house and lifted my spirits. Although in the end I did not complete the challenge and “ran out” of things to throw away after the 16th day, I still felt empowered and really think the minimalist lifestyle is something I will continue to strive towards.

Here is a snippet of some of the things I threw away in the challenge. If you’re interested in becoming a minimalist, I would highly recommend starting with The Minimalists podcast or website. They also have a documentary on Netflix.

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Together with everyone in the Internet, I have also been obsessed with Animal Crossing! A super cute game that involves you living in a deserted island, gathering money by catching bugs, fishing and planting trees… it’s the best mindless game at this difficult time.

However I would also like to highlight another game I’ve been enjoying on my Nintendo Switch Lite, which is a smaller, simpler indie game called Gris. It’s much more of an audio-visual beauty rather than a game, and you cannot help but love the imagery and amount of care put into the colors, the illustrations and the music in this game. Would highly recommend if you like more quiet, simple yet beautiful games.

Let me know of anything you have been reading, watching, or playing!

10 thoughts on “Here and Now: May

  1. The minimalist project sounds like such a great idea! I’m not sure I could make it all that far, but I like the idea of getting rid of unneeded things — all the stuff that just piles up over time.

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    1. It was definitely a challenge – it began as something simple, just throwing out an unused pen or something, but when you get to day 15+, you start to run out of things to throw! That’s when you start to assess the things you own and think, maybe I don’t really need them that much anyway 😉


      1. That’s really awesome. I bet I could easily throw out 15 pairs of old socks or kitchen storage containers or twist-ties! But I can see how that would be close to impossible the higher the numbers get.

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    1. Same here, surprisingly I remember most of the big moments or unique episodes, but of course you cannot remember everything, so it’s nice to rewatch and catch small things that are nice to note.

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  2. Reading under the sun on a balcony. ❤ ❤ Sounds delightful! Also great to hear that you're playing AC, it is such a theraputic and lovely game for these times, a wonderful escape. I tried Gris as well for about an hour, definitely plan on replaying it soon. Seems very chill and artsy. Hope you have a fun reading month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Gris is super artsy, I haven’t finished it either, have been going in and out of it, whenever I’m out of things to do in AC 🙂


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