2019 Travel Highlights

Hi everyone, it’s Ayunda. I’m sure you’re probably wondering, who is this person and what is she doing on my feed? You might not notice but I’ve been pausing my blogging activities for a few months now. I’ve been busy with general life, work and activities, that I didn’t make the time to blog anymore. However, with this current situation of us being at home, my commuting time is reduced way less and so is my workload in general, and I am very excited to pick this blog back up and come back to sharing my books and photos with you all!

This post was in my drafts for a while. I tried to make an end-of-the-year highlight of my travelling, which I didn’t really do much in 2019, to be honest. Check out my 2018 Travel Highlights post here. But here it is, my snapshots of the places I visited last year.


The year started with a lovely visit from my mom. We spent a long weekend in Ghent, Belgium. You can check out my post about it here. Good food, lovely historical locations, and the weather was cold but surprisingly sunny!


Spring was mostly a quiet time last year in terms of travel. I was mainly busy working and reading and didn’t get the chance to travel anywhere much.


Summer in 2019 Europe was absolutely fantastic. I spent a little less than a week with my father, walking along The Hague (where I live), and then going together to Lausanne, Switzerland for his business trip. Of course for me, it was just a holiday trip. And I had a lovely time strolling by Lake Geneva by myself, taking the boat tour across the lake and visiting museums, cafes, bookshops, and a medieval castle. I posted about my trip here and about the Chillon Castle here.

I also went on a solo trip to a city in The Netherlands I’ve never been before, which was Deventer. I had a huuuge book haul (all very affordable, secondhand books!) and enjoyed the lovely summer sun.

Summers are times for outdoor festivals in the weekend, and one of those weekend was spent to Rotterdam for its Food Truck Festival. Naturally I ate (and took pictures) of so many delicious foods, ended with some ice cream!


As the weather got colder I went for a long weekend trip to another city I’ve never been before, Sintra, in Portugal. A short trip in Lisbon was enough to satisfy my pastel de nata needs, and then we stayed in the small city by the hills of Sintra. It was lovely, the weather was slightly rainy and foggy but the palaces we visited, and the good seafood was just wonderful and overall the trip was one I wouldn’t forget easily.

Not too long after, my mom and I went on a mother-daughter short trip to Paris. We’ve been there before several years ago, but failed to go to Versailles. That’s why on this chance we decided to go there and spend most of our time exploring the palace. It was as grand and marvelous as everyone said, and though I don’t think I would recommend staying at Versailles the city for more than one night, it was still filled with great memories.


Winter is of course time of Christmas markets here in Europe. We visited only one Christmas market this year, but one I’ve never been to before, which was Aachen in Germany. Not as big as the other famous markets, this one is still very worth a visit because of its amazing food stalls and just generally good company.

And finally, I ended the year by going home to Indonesia for four weeks, and spent my Christmas with family at home. I also took a short trip to Bali, which was lovely and I had a great time lounging under the sun by the pool while enjoying a good paperback. We would start the year with a family trip to Thailand, but I guess that is a post for next year’s travel highlights 😉

2019 was such a blur, and I am so lucky to be able to live in Europe and visit so many countries. This year I think I focused more on the smaller cities, like Aachen and Sintra, since I’ve been to those countries before but only to the capitals. All in all, traveling has always been such a joy for me and I love recording them here to look back on.

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