Can’t take my eyes off the screen: Recently Watched

In a small town in Germany, a man hangs himself in his attic. The camera pans towards a photograph of him and his family: a lovely wife, a dashing young man, a little girl, and his mother. Then the scene skips several months ahead in August, throwing us into moments of a loss child, troubled families, high school problems, and exploring a forest cave at night.


Dark is one of the most talked-about tv shows in Netflix – although basically all shows in Netflix are talked about and everyone is watching something there. What drew me in to first watch the first episode is how people say it is like the German version of Stranger Things. it turns out, and don’t hate on me for this, that this show is actually better than Stranger Things.

What Dark excels most is its characters. Similarly to Stranger Things, it is a science-fiction show that focuses on a band of young-adults adventuring in a small town where weird things happen. However in the small town of Winden, all the characters, their parents, their grandparents are vital to the story. This net of interwoven relationships between the town-dwellers are what makes Dark both confusing and exciting.

I honestly will not talk too much about the story or plot of the show. I came into it knowing absolutely nothing about the premise or the story, and I think you all should do the same. All I can say about the plot is that it’s twisted, captivating, and of course, quite dark. A lot of things happen in what seems like slow scenes, but in the end of an episode you feel like so many things just revealed itself and you’d be blown away after every episode. And that also makes the show so binge-worthy and not boring in the slightest.


You will shout, you will root for these characters, you will laugh and you will definitely think and speculate a lot while watching this show. It’s filled with twists and turns and unanswered questions, so if you are a fan of a show that gives more questions than answers in every episode, this is definitely one for you. And for that reason I think this is a great show to watch with friends or to discuss about together.

I try to mix my posts up a bit and also post things related to films and tv shows. Hence my series of Recently Watched, in which I talk about the shows I’m currently in love with every three months or so. However this time I find that I haven’t really been watching that many tv shows. There is one show however, that we were really obsessed with for a while. I hope you enjoyed this little show review, and let me know in the comments if you’ve watched the show, what you thought of it, and who your favourite character is. Mine is Jonas 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Can’t take my eyes off the screen: Recently Watched

    1. It’s lovely that you consciously try to watch more foreign shows! Any other ones from Netflix you’d recommend? It is quite dark at times, but it’s more intriguing and more like a mystery rather than a depressing kind of show.


  1. Saw this myself when it first released and was pulled in because of people calling it the German adult version of Stranger Things. I definitely love the acting chops and the darker tone of it. I haven’t yet checked out season 2 though, I wonder if they managed to do even better this time around, with all those insane plot twists at the end hahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tasya 🙂 Watching it in Halloween sounds awesome, although it doesn’t really have any creepy/supernatural aspects or even jump scares. Enjoy! 🙂


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