Bout of Books Readathon TBR

Time for another readathon TBR! After last month’s near-success with the 24-in-48 readathon, I’m excited to do more readathons this summer. Coincidentally, two readathons are happening at the same week, so I’d like to mix these two together and try to read as much as possible.

Femme Fan Tale readathon

Hosted by Jean on Youtube, this is the second time this readathon will be happening. I wasn’t able to join in for the first one, but I’m super ready for it this time around! The readathon will be held from Sunday, 18th August to Sunday, 25th August (more info in Jean’s Youtube). One whole week filled with amazing fantasy by women!

Bout of Books readathon 26

The Bout of Books readathon is one of the most well-known week-long readathon, and I always follow their updates to see when the next one is. This time it will be held from Monday 19th August to Sunday, 25th August. The last time I joined and posted actively in this blog was last year’s readathon, the Bout of Books 23, which was held in August 2018. For more information you can check out their blog here.

The books I plan to read

Eka Kurniawan

38120773._sy475_I’m focusing fully on fantasy books for both readathons. I already started reading Cantik itu Luka (“Beauty is a Wound”) by Eka Kurniawan, a magical-realism stand-alone novel written in Indonesian that is also translated into many different languages because of Kurniawan’s fame. His more famous and more recent novel, Lelaki Harimau or “Man Tiger” is really interesting and way shorter than this one. I did read that one and quite liked it, so I’m excited to read more of his books, because he is indeed one of the well-known authors of Indonesia who are more international. Unfortunately he is a male author and therefore do not fit into the Femme Fan Tale readathon requirements.

03_6 Mad Ship bPB.inddI hope to finish that one in the middle of the week, and afterwards I will move on to two other fantasy novels. The first one is Robin Hobb‘s second book in the Liveship Traders trilogy, The Mad Ship. I read the first book of the series earlier this year and really liked it, and I’ve been looking for a good opportunity to read this one this summer. Hope to read a huge chunk of it in the readathon week, hopefully as quickly as I finished another chunky book in my previous readathon. This series is filled with talking ships, amazing women characters, unique world-building, and slowly developing plot that I cannot wait to dive back into.

39863482._sy475_And finally, I also already reserved a stand-alone fantasy novel from my library: The Night Tiger by Yangzee Choo. I don’t know much about it, other than the fact that it is set in Malaysia and highly influenced by the author’s heritage of Chinese-Malaysian. It’s been a while since I read anything by women in color, or rather any stories from Asia, let alone fantasy ones. I hope the book will be available in time and that I get the time to read it!

I’m very excited to read more. My strategy: read during commute to and from work, and after dinner immediately get to reading until I go to bed, instead of lazying around on Youtube or playing with my phone. Unlike last year, I have full-time work this readathon, so it might be harder to read more, but I’ll make it up with reading even more during the weekend. Wish me luck, and share with me your TBR for the week in the comments down below.

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