Here and Now: June

I cannot believe we’re in June already. Time flies and suddenly 2019 is almost half of the way! In this post as usual I will tell you everything I’m loving and enjoying here and now, from books to crochet, and anything in between.

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34948440I have been barely catching up with my Goodreads Reading Challenge lately. It feels like I haven’t been reading too much, and in the weekends when I usually have the most time to read, there is always something to do and not enough energy for me to read at the end of the day before bed. After finishing The Cruel Prince by Holly Black on audiobook (full review coming up soon), I am still on track for my 2019 Reading Challenge, but I hope to always be ahead of schedule, so I’m trying my best to finish at least two more books this month!

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At the moment I am currently reading The Western Wind by Samantha Harvey, which is a unique historical fiction tinged with mystery, as a well-beloved man in a small community dies and the main character, the priest, is asked to find out who killed him by the dean. How does he do it? Through the confession box! What is unique about it is that it is written back in time – the chapter begins 5 days after the death, and then continues to 4 days after the death, and so you pick up some details that happened the day before, instead of the other way around like we usually do. I’m very interested to continue reading.

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I haven’t been watching too many shows either. My housemates and I have mostly been watching Game of Thrones – we’re in season 3 now. I also continued watching Sex Education, which is in Netflix. It’s a fun story about three high schoolers who each have really strong personalities. I just finished the last episode yesterday and I really really like the entire series. It’s clever, funny, original, heartwarming, and the acting is fantastic.

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As you probably have seen in my previous post, I went to a small castle in The Netherlands, not too far from Amsterdam. It was a warm sunny day and a lovely location to take pictures. I went with my lovely boyfriend and his mom, and it was quite a nice trip. Afterwards we went to Amsterdam and had an amazing ramen called Fou Fow Ramen. I’d highly recommend them, they are very authentic, the menu is not too expensive, and the location is really nice.

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I have been working on a couple projects lately, but the one I’m most excited about is a scarf. This is my first try on making scarfs, and I found the pattern and inspiration from the website Daisy Farm Crafts. Her specialty is blankets, and I love her color combos and stitches, and I incorporated one pattern for a scarf from her website. However I think this project was like 6 months too late, because now summer is coming! No matter, I’ll probably still wear it outside even when it’s warm. The yarn I’m using is from Rico yarn – it’s super soft, I love the colors and it’s a little pricey but so worth the softness of the aran yarn.

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My friends and I have been playing loads of games lately. We bought Cluedo not too long ago, and even better than that, we got the Harry Potter edition! It’s definitely a lovely game to play with friends, with an amazing board filled with Harry Potter locations, characters, objects and spells. It’s quite fun to play together.

However lately we’ve been obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons, and after buying the starter pack we sat at home for a whole weekend trying to understand the rules, the world, how to make characters, etc etc. And because I’m the person who reads and loves fantasy the most, I was elected as the dungeon master. It’s great fun, a lot of reading that is probably the reason why I haven’t read that many books.

Anyways, those are the activities and things I’ve been doing, Here and Now. How far are you into the Goodreads Reading Challenge? What TV shows are you loving? Do you ever crochet and make scarves? Have you ever played D&D? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Here and Now: June

    1. That’s wonderful! It’s really fun and exciting, and I understand why so many people like it. But nowadays they have apps on it, online platforms, etc, so I feel like those kind of remove the originality of it.

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  1. That scarf looks amazing! I really like the colour scheme you chose. I’ve been intrigued by D&D for a while now, but I don’t know anyone who plays it and I hear it’s hard to get into so I’m a bit too daunted to try it. Hope you have fun! Congrats on becoming the dungeon master 🙂

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  2. I like the way you formatted this post! I might do something similar when I do my monthly reflections, since I discuss school, work and dorm life as well as blogging. That’s cool that you do the Goodreads challenge, I’ll take a look at it. Maybe it’ll inspire me to read more for fun 😂
    I love Harry Potter too, btw. Never got into D&D but it sounds awesome. In terms of crafts I’m into drawing/doodling when I have time, even working with modeling clay if it’s available

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should definitely do the Goodreads reading challenge, it’s one of the few yearly challenges I do 🙂 Would love to read your “Here and Now” post (or whatever you decide to name it) to know more about your school life and maybe even crafts life!


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