Muiderslot: a travel back to Medieval times

The Muiden Castle, locally known as the Muiderslot, is a daytrip away from Amsterdam, and not a very known trip destination for international visitors. As a person who has been living in Holland for over three years, even I myself did not know this place existed until only recently. However on an uncommonly warm spring day, we set out on a trip to this little slice of Medieval times.

Located in Muiden, Muiderslot is around 15 kilometers away from Amsterdam. You can take a train from the central station for around 16 minutes, then a 10 minute bus ride, and then a lovely 15 minute walk across the small city of Muiden to finally reach the castle. As we cross the tiny, adorable centrum of Muiden, I spot small, handmade stores of children’s toys, small bookstores, and homey European-style restaurants dotted around cobbled streets and by the small canal leading up to the castle itself.

By the time we reach the castle entrance we already see that the castle itself isn’t huge. Built in the 13th century, this fortress is located to serve as a protection from the trade route of Utrecht, which was commonly used to bring goods from Amsterdam to Utrecht. Located in the mouth of the river Vecht, it is your typical Medieval castle with turrets, stone walls and a moat surrounding the fortress itself.

With an entrance fee of €15.5 (adults), and a map of the castle in our hands, we set off towards the castle looming from far away. Before reaching the castle, on our right is a wall of bushes and a small entrance to the castle gardens, where they plant various herbs and flowers, vegetables and fruits.

After crossing the moat we enter the castle square, lively with (mostly local children) visitors and we are able to borrow an audio guide that takes us inside the castle and follows the history behind the people involved in the castle’s life. We learn more about PC Hooft who lived in the 16th century, an author and a poet.

Overall the Muiderslot castle is a nice visit away from the city, if you are interested in the Medieval history of the Netherlands and eager for a lovely view of the river, or to explore gardens and the castle itself. It’s interesting to see that a lot of schoolchildren also take trips together with their classmates to learn more about their history. Though fascinating and fun, the castle is indeed quite small and takes only around half a day to go through the entire thing. Considering the entry price that is quite high, it might be a little bit too much of a hassle for you who only have a few day trips from Amsterdam in mind.



However the inside of the castle was really interesting to explore, with authentic or recreated furniture and collections, wonderful explanations from the audio guide, and everything was well preserved and nicely collected. It is definitely a great place to visit if you like museums, history and historical artefacts, and a lovely location to take with your young children, as there are a lot of fun interactive spots where the young ones can both learn about history but also have a lot of fun.

All in all, I definitely enjoyed my small trip to this castle. You can definitely take wonderful pictures and have a great time exploring the castle. Hope you enjoy this little travel post of mine, and if you have (or will) visited the castle, definitely let me know in the comments down below!

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