Looking back at my 2018 Reading Goals

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! This post I’d like to talk about looking back and contemplating on the goals I made in the beginning of the year. I saw this video about reflecting back a person’s 2018 TBRs and whether they read them or not, and an idea sparked about doing a similar thing myself. So let’s look back and see if I have completed the goals I made in January! Check out my post of the 2018 Reading Goals here.



I put six books in my year-long TBR for 2018: and I am very happy to say that I read all of them but one! The book I didn’t read was Girls Will Be Girls, in which I just kind of lost interest in picking it up… I still hope I can read it in the future.


General Resolutions

  • Read more Jo Nesbo ▲
  • Reread old favourites ▼
  • Read a thriller/mystery every other month 
  • Read more audiobooks


▲ Unfortunately I have not picked up any Jo Nesbo (or even any Nordic thrillers) this year. I still really want to read his work, though, and I did watch The Snowman though it was a pretty crappy movie.

▼ I did manage to reread only one old favourite – which was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s a wonderful reread and I still personally want to reread more books in the future, because I used to enjoy doing it so much. I also made a similar post about rereading childhood favourites this year.

◆ My third resolution was to read more thrillers and mysteries. I do not have the effort to check whether I did it every other month or not, but I clearly have read quite a lot of thrillers this year, which I’m very happy with! You can also see the statistics that I read a majority of mystery from my 2018 Year in Review post.

● Finally, my goal was to read more audiobooks, and I definitely did that this year. I did have a lull of audiobooks read sometime in the mid-late months of the year, but I tried to listen to them more by the end. I found them a great way to read more and I will continue my Audible subscription of getting a credit once every other month.


So, that was my reflections on my 2018 goals! I personally decided not to make a 2019 goals post, just because you can never know what will happen with life in six months, let alone a year in the future. Who knows what kinds of books I will still be interested in reading by the end of this year? So I will let me read whatever I want to read, and anything I am in the mood for.

What about you? Do you make any beginning of the year resolutions in terms of life in general but also specifically reading-wise? Did you complete your 2018 goals? Let’s talk in the comments!





6 thoughts on “Looking back at my 2018 Reading Goals

  1. This was such a fun post to read! I love when people talk about their goals, because it’s just so heartwarming and satisfying when I see people accomplishing them. I, too, started listening to more audiobooks this year and they are actually amazing. I don’t know why I haven’t listened to them more before. Anyways, thanks for such a lovely post!

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