My experience with NetGalley – updated!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! So, about three months ago I posted a post dedicated to my experience with NetGalley. At that time, it had been six months since I first joined the site in February 2018, and I told you guys about my thoughts and feelings about ARCs, how my reading has changed, and things I plan to change about my reading habit.

Now I’m back, around ten months after I first joined, to tell you about my updated experiences and thoughts about NetGalley and ARCs!


General stats about my NetGalley:

  • Books approved: 16
  • Books read: 11
  • Feedback ratio: 69%
  • Average ratings of the books I read: 2.36 stars


My current ARC reading habit

This past few months I’ve been reading less ARCs – specially in November where I didn’t read a single one because of Nonfiction November. But in general I’ve also been preferring my own books, and this has been caused by: a) the fact that I now have a library card since July; b) I have a lot of unread books that I own in my shelf and have been pushed to want to read them; and c) I also started to read more audiobooks.

Therefore I’ve been putting the ARCs I’ve already been approved for as the least priority over my books, and instead pick up the ones I am much more excited for after browsing through my library shelves or my own.


As you can see in this timeline, every month I would almost always read and post a feedback of an ARC. Compared to the amount of books I read per month in average (of around four), I think it’s pretty great that I read ARCs as around 20% of all the books I read.


All my unread ARCs in my NetGalley shelf

Honestly I cannot complain cause I don’t have that many unread ARCsย – six to be precise. They are a mix of mystery/thrillers, literary fiction, and one nonfiction. I found myself mostly applying for mystery novels that are crappy and literary fiction that turned out to be amazing. Like I mentioned in the previous post, the best of the ARCs I read were from the literary genre and they were just amazing reads.

However as you can also see from my stats, most of the books I found as ARCs were either badly written or just not my thing, giving an average rating of all the books I’ve read from NetGalley of less than 3 stars.


My plans for the future

Of course the main goal for all NetGalley users is to have a nice feedback ratio of over 80%. That is also my goal for the future, specifically in 2019. I plan to finish and feedback all the six books I have that are in my unread shelf within two months – meaning I need to read mostly ARCs in the next few months!

Therefore I thought about having a readathon. I know that ARC August happened that is quite a big readathon event for ARC readers to increase their feedback ratio as well, but I missed that and I think sometime in December I will try and designate myself a readathon period of one week where I try my hardest to read more ARCs.

Let me know if it’s something interesting you want to participate in as well!



In conclusion, my (almost) year of being a NetGalley member has been super fun. I love exploring new books that have not been released yet, and trying to manage my time with reading and organising the books I have to read next according to the release dates. I found myself having some misses in terms of books that I requested for – but I’m sure as I grow more and learn more about the ins and outs of the platform, I’ll begin to establish connections with publishers and find out which books I know I will love and still be excited to read even though they have not been published yet.

Additionally I have still been off my requesting game. I need to request less books that I only find interesting for a few hours and then regret after a few weeks, and I need to read the books I have already requested.

I also need to try and prioritise reading ARCs in the future, even though in general I’m more a mood reader. This is of course something I cannot force either, but in combination with my requesting skills, I think I might be able to be better at being a true NetGalley master!


Share with me your own personal thoughts and experiences with NetGalley or ARCs. How long have you been requesting books, and do you have any tips and tricks? Let’s talk about everything in the comments!





11 thoughts on “My experience with NetGalley – updated!

  1. That’s great that you’re finding the methods that work for you with ARCs. I’m not always good at picking which ones I’ll like/not regret requesting most, but maybe that’s the same as with any book. I find making a calendar schedule the best way to manage them and make sure I’m aware of when I need to post reviews and give feedback. Interesting to hear your experiences with them!

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    1. I am still finding my way as well, it’s a little hard to resits yourself from being super excited for an interesting synopsis but after a few months ending up not being interested at all anymore.


  2. I’ve gone off ARCs a bit as well in July. Only started requesting new stuff this month. They will come out next year, so nothing urgent. I might as well catch up on some books from this year. One can only hope ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I keep *meaning* to request fewer ARCs… I’m at 14% of my reading from ARCs this year, though I still have one more I mean to read and review by the end of the month and another 3 in the new year. Ratings-wise, ARCs are only a smidge lower than my average. That might be a first for me. I’ve tried to be a lot more discerning this year. Howling Libraries is having a “Late-a-thon” in January for ARCs that are past publication date. ( Don’t know if that applies, but I figured I’d mention it.

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  4. Ohh this was a super interesting post to read, and I love how you kept track of all your NG ARCs so well! I’ve stayed away from ARCs for a while last year, and the beginning of this year, but slipped towards the end, and now I’m overwhelmed with them, haha. I’m hoping to get to them all this month, and write my reviews. :’)

    Lovely post! ๐Ÿ’•

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