October reading wrap up

October has finally left us… It’s one of my favourite months of the year because it’s the month when I first made my blog, and also my birthday month. I also adore the changing of the leaves and the emerging cold air with the underlying tones of creepy, thriller-y feels that is just perfect for me to read mystery novels.

I loved how all the books I read this month were awesome – I rated all of them 4 stars! So without further ado, let’s talk about the books I read this month!


Madame Bovary of the Suburbs by Sophie Divry


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A gorgeous book with a pretty cover, this is a modern retelling of Madame Bovary, set in France and focusing on our unnamed main character from a young age throughout her life. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was written in such a unique way through second person point of view. It is not just different but also executed really well, making the writing really poetic and super duper readable overall.

The woman we follow has had a perfect life in theory – a loving husband, enough money, an okay job. She always felt a certain lacking in her life, as if she isn’t living life to the fullest. She is constantly bored. She becomes depressed and wants more in her daily routine. It is definitely an interesting look inside a person’s life, and how we as humans will always yearn for something more, how we are constantly never satisfied and how do we really define the perfect life.

Hard Cider Abbey by K.P. Cecala


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Huge thanks for NetGalley for providing me with an e-ARC of this book! With a unique set of characters and a setting that you might not find normally in other novels, K.P. Cecala’s mystery novel is definitely something that is hard for me to forget. I am definitely intrigued to see what Cecala brings out next, because this one is wonderful.

Set in a monastery and featuring monks as our main character, this is definitely not your typical mystery novel. I found the writing of this book highly enjoyable. It’s quirky and fun, has a lot of humour but also at parts solemn, and oftentimes very cozy. The story makes the reader want to know what happened, and the characters along with their pasts and relationships really add value to the overall arc of the story.

I adore the relationship between Odo and Emerick and I’m absolutely looking forward to the next instalments of this book. So if you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted mystery that has a unique setting and unique characters, definitely pick this one up.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson


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Set in a rural town in the US, the story concerns a house that is known to be haunted. A group of five strangers meet in this haunted house, where once the sun sets, many odd and eerie things start to occur. It’s such a perfect creepy read for the Autumn Readathon hosted in Youtube by Mercedes.

You might think that a story about a group of strangers living in a haunted house is overused, but Jackson’s writing is one of a kind and her focus on psychological torture and her ability to write vivid scenes that will make your heart pumping is incredible. I think what shines a lot in this writing though is not the scary scenes but the overall tone and atmosphere that was really already set and already palpable in the air even before the characters meet or come into the house. The attention to detail is fantastic and some small moments of the book just really come to life in my mind that I cannot get it off my head even weeks after finishing the story.

All in all, this book was a very fantastically written horror story that is scattered with amazing scary scenes and parts that really chill you to the bone. It has an excellent main character and Jackson’s way of writing her scenes which really combines psychological thriller and supernatural beings. The attention to detail as well as her descriptions of the house really made this short and compact story very memorable. Creepy and impressive, I absolutely loved every page of it.

The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith


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Already planning on reading mysteries in the month of October, and knowing I’ve always wanted to read Robert Galbraith‘s series, I jumped at the chance to reading this when I found it available in the library. Its huge size made me take my time with the book, but my oh my is it not an impressive one.

The plot itself is excellent, starting quite slow but never boring and always very intriguing. It was interesting how Strike really respects the victim so that we as readers began to really get to know the victim, her personality and her actions, through the people around her. I loved that aspect of the story, of how we also feel like the victim, though dead, was also a character in the story.


In conclusion, I absolutely loved this book. I didn’t mind its length of slow pace at all, and I dove deep into the story and highly adore the characters. I’m definitely interested to continue with the series and see how Strike and Robin’s relationship develops, and what other mysteries will be solved in the next books.


34666764Around a week ago I stumbled upon a post about Nonfiction November, and after going through the books I’ve read in the past half year I realised I really need to up my nonfiction game. I made a whole list of nonfiction books I would love to pick up, and I’m hoping to read a lot of them this month.

Right now I am only currently reading one book, another library pick and one that was influenced by many people including Jen Campbell and the people of the Reading Women Podcast: I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes with Death by Maggie O’Farrell. It’s nice to be reading only one book at a time – although I already have a few books in my shelf I’m eager to start as well.


Four 4-starred novels read in October, which isn’t totally bad! Added to the fact that the last one I finished has almost 500 pages 😉 My favourite book of this month is probably The Cuckoo’s Calling, but all the books I read recently have their own amazing qualities to it that I really enjoy.

Let me know how your reading month went in October, and what you are currently reading! Thanks for reading this post, check out my previous wrap up here, and I’ll see you in my next post on Monday!





13 thoughts on “October reading wrap up

  1. I hope you’ll take part in Nonfiction November and have some motivation to get to some more nonfiction titles this month! 🙂 I’ve heard such great things about I Am, I Am, I Am. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it!

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  2. Four 4-starred reads in one month!? That’s amazing. I love the cover of the first book so much but not sure I’d be able to get into it being written in 2nd person.

    In October, I was able to finish 5 novels. Right now, I’m reading Blackbird by Michael Fiegel. 🙂

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