Recently Watched: October & November movies

I was shocked by the end of October to find that I watched so little amount of movies. Therefore I decided to combine my Recently Watched post into two months. It's been a weird couple of months, because I've been highly preferring TV shows rather than movies. I think in the future I will also … Continue reading Recently Watched: October & November movies

10 Long books I love

It's time for book recommendations! I feel like sharing my own list of books I'd definitely recommend that are at least 400 pages long. I personally love long books. Especially if they're written well! Of course it might seem a little intimidating to read something longer than 500 pages, but that's why in this post I want to showcase how awesome long books are and how people should read thick tomes more!

On rereading your childhood favourites

For most of us who are avid readers, our love for literature stemmed from the beginning of our lives. I've seen and read lots of other bloggers in the book blogging community share how they grew up loving books and started reading from an early age. I myself also adored reading when I was young … Continue reading On rereading your childhood favourites