8 thrillers to watch this season

Hi all, and welcome back to my blog. October is ending soon, which means Halloween is right around the corner! I love thriller movies and novels – specifically in movies, I love films that make me think, that are mind-blowing and has a great plot that really gets your heart pumping. Though not a huge horror fan, I also have a few of my selected spooky watches that would be perfect to watch in this creepy season. So in this post I’d like to share with you my top favourite creepy-spooky-thriller movies to watch on Halloween.







A book that I absolutely adored and has a unique premise, you all know how perfect Coraline the movie is to watch on the run up to Halloween. I have not watched this one in ages as well, so I might give it a rewatch soon. Such a scary movie that is so well made.

10 Cloverfield Lane


This is more of a fast-paced, suspenseful thriller than a horror movie. Initially not knowing the reasons why, we begin to learn that the main characters in this movie are in a safe house due to unknown circumstances. They weren’t allowed outside, and then we begin to find out why. The amount of suspense is so palpable in the air and the acting was wonderful, it was everything I could ever ask for in a thriller.

A Quiet Place

I highly praised this movie countless times in my other movie post – it’s because it’s such a well-written, well-directed and excellently acted movie. Added to the horror part and the suspense moments of the movie we get to understand that this is also a movie focusing on family and love, and the message behind it is just wonderful.

Get Out


Described as a horror-comedy, this movie is scattered with moments of fear, uncertainty, and gems of clues that keeps you guessing but also afraid. It’s suspenseful as well, but it is also funny at times, and has a lot of messages to catch. Very psychologically thrilling and some scenes stuck to me for days after watching it.

The Visit

I feel like of all the movies I mentioned here, this one feels the most like a supernatural-horror movie. Directed by the infamous M. Night Syamalan and shot through the children’s documentary videos, it’s gripping and hair-raisingly good, but also shows a huge amount of sweet moments between brother and sister.

Nocturnal Animals


Though it’s been years since I watched this on the cinema, I found that this movie really stuck with me for a long time. I remember feeling uneasy and stirred by the scenes – though some of them might feel a little too slow at times, the writing of the dialogues are incredible. It is definitely a great thriller to watch if you haven’t watched it yet.

A Simple Favor


This film is a more light-hearted one amongst the list that really reminds me most of those paperback thriller novels that involve moms and okay writing and slightly unmemorable characters. Played by the two very attractive and famous actresses in Hollywood, and focusing more on their friendship and containing a lot of intrigue, murder, secrets, and sex, this is a great popcorn film to watch when you’re in need for some plot-twists that aren’t too dark. It will not give you nightmares after watching it, but it’s also a very fun enjoyable watch.

Panic Room



My final movie on the list is a classic that I LOVED for its intensity and non-stop riveting suspense when I first watched it several years back. Added to that is the amazing acting by the one and only Jodie Foster, and overall it left me excited and electrified for its amazing story but also how it kept me tense and wanting to know more the entire time.

Special mentions





  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – another gory, atmospheric movie by the famous Tim Burton
  • Wind River – more of a crime thriller, this is a cold and relentlessly exciting story
  • A Tale of Two Sisters – a Korean horror movie that really scared me to bits and that I felt needed to be added so people would watch and talk about it more
  • Se7en – another mystery thriller that masterfully twists their plots and makes you wonder at everything and everyone
  • My Cousin Rachel – a highly atmospheric, twisted story with excellent cinematography
  • Hereditary – a creepy story that haunts me to this day, filled with amazing characters, writing, and award-worthy acting
  • The Hateful Eight – gory, action-packed, excellent writing, and one of my favourite Tarantino movies, great shots and awesome characters

PS: More thrillers and horror stuff in my Letterboxd! What are your favourite thrillers or horror movies to watch in Halloween?




15 thoughts on “8 thrillers to watch this season

  1. Sweeet!
    Love your choices. Recently watched the Quiet Place. Still upset about that ending πŸ˜‚. Get Out was pretty good too.
    Want to watch A Simple Favour too, but I’m gonna read the book first. My friend saw it in the cinema so i forbade her to talk about it…

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  2. to my shame, I still need to watch Coraline- I loved the book and don’t know why I still haven’t watched it!! I’ve heard really good things about quiet place and get out too. Simple favour sounds fun. This is gonna sound bad as well, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen panic room (but I’m not sure! It was a long time ago!) I really like sweeny todd though (much to my surprise) and my cousin rachel was a great adaptation πŸ˜€ Awesome post!!

    Liked by 1 person

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