The sandy dunes by the beach – Westduinpark The Hague

Hi all, hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Last week me and my two friends had a little adventuring with our bicycles to the dunes of The Hague. Since the city of The Hague is located near the sea, it hosts a range of different parks – from the tall trees of Haagse Bos, to the beautifully maintained garden of the Palestuin, to the dune nature preserve by the sea, called Westduinpark (or West Dune Park).

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Bird’s eye panoramic view from on top a small hill

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Cycling from the station Den Haag HS to the entrance of the park took us around half an hour. It was such a lovely sunny late morning that Saturday, ranging from around 19 to 23 degrees Celsius, which is uncommon for an October day! By the time we arrived we were sweating and thirsty, but the ride was filled with a nice breeze and enjoying the lovely view of The Hague houses.

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The hilly cycling roads of the park

The dune park is located super close to the sea, and there are several beaches along the park that you can visit to settle and enjoy the seawater that is less crowded than the famous Scheveningen. One of the largest nature preserves in the city, the dunes in this location were formed in the 12th century. Other than dipping our feet in the cold seawater with running dogs having a blast in the beach, we were also able to climb up a high dune to catch a bird’s eye view of the preserve. We walked around the various routes of the park, enjoying the hilly dunes, observing the various flora and unique types of vegetation that you cannot find in the city.

Overall it was a lovely day in the park. A great way to soak up the sun, feel the sand between your toes, get some exercise, and enjoy the nature! We even saw a herd of Scottish Highland Cows sitting around under the shades that were huge and adorable. We were not allowed to be too close to these cows so I couldn’t get a good enough picture of them, but just google them and you’ll find some adorable pictures of these calm beasts!

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Such lovely blue sky!
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A peek into the ocean

Whether you’re planning to take a dip on the ocean, hike by foot around the park to observe some cows, take a morning run with your dogs, or cycle from the city centre for a small workout, this is a perfect destination on a sunny day. Go visit Westduinpark whenever you get the chance to visit The Hague!

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