I made a bookstagram account!

Hey all! Just a quick post and announcement: I finally gave into my dreams and made an Instagram account just for books. It’s only had 3 posts so far, and I’m working on finding my aesthetic, but I have been following a bunch of bookstagram accounts in my personal account (@ayundabs) but I feel like I’m burdening a lot of my personal irl friends if I post so often about books in my personal account, so I moved over to my new account.

The account is called @interlacedbookmarks – because I try to combine my two hobbies of reading (including collecting bookmarks) and crochet. I hope you follow it!


I spent a whole day on Monday just browsing through the blogs I’m following and checking out their Instagrams for me to follow – so if you feel like you saw a small bookstagram account following you then, and you like my blog & my account, please follow me back 🙂

Also mention your own account in the comments if I haven’t followed you back.

Hope I can grow more in terms of my photography skills and this account brings me more joy in books and other things in life. Until next time!





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