Recently Watched: August & September movies

I always enjoy making these posts, because I love watching movies and I try to watch lots of them now that I spend most of my days at home. There were a lot of nice movies that I watched (and that came out) these past couple of months, so let’s jump straight in.


  • Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale [★★☆☆☆] – I understand nothing about this movie.
  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl [★★★☆☆] – cute and slightly heartbreaking but just a little too YA tropey and the overall movie was just weird.
  • Dog Days [★★★☆☆]  – filled with adorable little doggies but overall a typical romantic story that’s way too cheesy for me.
  • Satan’s Slaves [★★★☆☆] – better than most Indonesian horror movies and had a lot of horribly scary jump scares and yet it’s just not that good.


The Italian Job [★★★☆☆]

Fun and exciting, with an okay cast. The romance was too cheesy and the overall action was a little old-fashioned.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard [★★★☆☆]


Ryan Reynolds reveals a hilarious chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson in this action-packed comedy with lots of car chases, swear words, and overall exciting plot. A fun ride of banter and hot men hitting each other throughout Europe.

Johnny English Strikes Again [★★★☆☆]

Rowan Atkinson returns to being the secret British intelligence Johnny English once more in this funny movie with absolutely horrid plot. Overall the story was all over the place, the characters were utterly forgettable and the ending was filled with plotholes and everything was resolved only due to various “lucky” scenarios from English’s awfully idiotic actions. Though there were some chuckle-worthy moments, overall this movie was a flop for me.

Dinner for Schmucks [★★★☆☆]


After finishing The Office not too long ago I was longing to watch more Steve Carell, and when I browsed through his IMDB I realised I haven’t watched a ton of his movies before. So I picked this one because it’s available on Netflix and has Paul Rudd in it. I really like the characters, the story was meh (too filled with disasters!) and the humour wasn’t really my thing but overall a fun watch.

Next Gen [★★★☆☆]


Another random Netflix movie I watched lately was this animated movie about a young girl who is a rebel and bullied in her school set in a future, high-technology world filled with robots. Afterwards we get to know a robot who befriends her, and from then we see a slightly different version of Big Hero 6. Overall it was a gorgeously animated movie, and I loved the action scenes in it. However the plot was very predictable and had a lot of holes in it, so overall it didn’t really move me and was just a fun watch.

Blade Runner 2049 [★★★☆☆]

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 21.54.09

Where this movie excels in premise and cinematography, it fails in all the other things, including keeping myself awake. It is an amazing look into dystopian science fiction with great themes that were explored, however it just dragged way too long.


Flavours of Youth [★★★☆☆]


This is a collection of short stories set in China. Adorable, beautifully animated and has a lot of lovely themes that were discussed. It is a great collection of slices of life in China. My favourite was the first story about the noodle soup.

BlackkKlansman [★★★★☆]


This movie has been well reviewed and my boyfriend and I was really interested to watch it. Played by amazing actors that was able to deliver both laugh out loud hilarious and deadpan serious dark scenes in the same movie, this was a pleasantly good movie. Though a little long and dragged at times, it carries an important message but also had funny moments at times. The dialogues were very well written as well.

Mission Impossible: Fallout [★★★★☆]

As a person who wasn’t a huge fan of the MI movies, I was thoroughly impressed and pleasantly surprised to see the amount of depth the characters and plot has in this movie. Added with great action, amazing acting between the cast, and twists and turns that keep you guessing throughout the story, this one is definitely something to look for in the cinemas.

Christopher Robin [★★★★☆]


Adorable, heart warming and surprisingly funny, as huge fan of Winnie the Pooh in my childhood I was brought to tears and laughter in this movie. All the voice actors and the real-life cast was wonderful, and although the story was far from well-written, overall the dialogues and the message behind it was a beautiful nostalgia to my preschool days.

Hereditary [★★★★☆]

I’ve always wanted to watch this highly praised horror film but never got the courage to watch it alone – so I watched it with some of my friends in broad daylight. Yet for days after watching it I still had moments when I’d remember snippets of the disturbing images I saw in the movie and it would make me so scared. This is psychologically and mentally hard to watch, and not like any other horror films. Amazing cast, excellent story and not for the weak hearted.

In general I found that the movies I watched in the past couple of months were mostly meh, except for the small few that were super fun and generally amazing to watch. Follow me on Letterboxd to see the movies I watch on a more daily basis, and don’t forget to comment down below what movies you watched this August and September.




On another note…

This October, it will be 1 year since the start of my renewal of this blog. Though this domain has been running for over 6 years, I started book blogging and posting books, movies and travel posts only one year ago. Therefore I will be celebrating my first blogiversary by making a small form for you guys! In there you can send me your questions on me, my personal life, my blogging life, and my reading life. I will post a Q&A of all your questions in my blogiversary celebration. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time, so please go click on the picture below to fill out the form, I would really appreciate it.


22 thoughts on “Recently Watched: August & September movies

  1. I went to see the new Bladerunner when it was in the cinemas. Before that, i re-watched the original Blade runner, after not having seen it for like 15 years. It was totally different from what i remembered and kinda dampened my mood. I think i would have enjoyed the new one more if i watched it at home. It was super long and i almost froze to death in the cinema 😀

    I still haven’t seen the hitman’s bodyguard, even though it’s one of those rare movies i wanted to see.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved reading your short reviews! They were so well written & informative. I’ve been wanting to see Hereditary & Christopher Robin! You’ve made me want to see ’em both even more. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooooh this is perfect my friend and I were just talking about Sword Art Online: The Movie this past week! We were talking about the resources we were using to improve our Japanese, and the conversation led us to Japanese movies. She recommended Sword Art Online to me, and I told her that I started it but had to stop because I literally had no idea what was going on. Apparently you’re supposed to watch the anime episodes first before you see the movie… so that makes sense 😂

    Flavors of Youth sounds like something I would love to watch — I’m putting that on my To-Watch list. Christopher Robin too! Great picks, Ayunda! 😊

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  4. Ah, you watched some exciting films, and some that I’m really looking forward to watching myself. I’ve heard incredible things about both BlackkKlansman and Hereditary; I’ve watched the trailer for Hereditary, but I still don’t truly know what the movie is about, haha. Just waiting for it to show up on Netflix. 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

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  5. Hereditary and BlackkKlansman look really good. I love Johnny English Reborn though and can’t wait to watch the next one, it’s one of my favourites but I can see why everyone might not like it. It’s not witty but it’s silly… just the way I like it. 🙂

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  6. MI: Fallout was amazing! I was the same as you…not really into the previous movies, but I was definitely impressed. I still want to see BlackkKlansman. Hopefully soon! *fingers crossed*

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Here’s the challenge: And here’s my list: It’s basically to watch 33 movies in 33 weeks, each movie corresponding to a certain prompt/theme. It’s leisurely so it doesn’t matter if you’re late/watch the movies in a different order, etc. I’m already late, but it’s really fun to discover new movies this way! Let me know if you join it/make a list! 🙂

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