Michael Scott has taken over my life: Summer TV Shows Recently Watched

In this blog I have tried to consistently post the recent TV shows I watched every season. On each Recently Watched post (which also includes movies) you’ll see my inability to watch only one or two series in a month, but alternating between different shows at the same time, hence the five to ten names of shows listed on each post. However this time, you’re in for a surprise, because I only have one show to talk about.

But first, let’s talk about some of the other TV shows I watched:

  • Queer Eye – the new season came and I really enjoyed watching the first season in spring that I continued to watch it with friends occasionally.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (rewatch) – I am currently slowly rewatching this amazing series from the first episode and I’m loving it so far.
  • Adventure Time – I used to casually watch this on TV with my brother whenever it came out, but never really watched the whole series, so when I saw it was available on Netflix we’d watch them occasionally as well.
  • Sugar Rush – another cooking reality show that’s quite exciting and tries to bring something different to the concept, and its first season is quite enjoyable.
  • Explained – this is a really fun show, each episode around 20 minutes long explaining random subjects ranging from the female orgasm to e-sports.

And now let’s talk about one show that I have been watching this summer:

The Office


I started watching the second season (yes, I started with season 2 instead of 1) at the end of June during the beginning of my summer vacation. It started out kinda boring – the cringe humour from Steve Carell wasn’t the kind of humour I was accustomed to.

But after forcing through some weird episodes, I came to know the characters in this normal paper company and began to fall in love with them. I enjoyed the chemistry between them, the jokes that appeared from all the unique characters and how weird they all are.

I cried, I laughed, and I shouted out loud during these past few months of my binge-watch. My favourite characters were Michael, Jim, and Andy. I hated the last two seasons (because of reasons people who watched already know), and loved the earlier seasons with the romantic plot between Jim and Pam. It’s a heartwarming show that leaves me with a lot of memories. And the best part is watching the episodes with my boyfriend, who was a few seasons earlier than I am but enjoyed watching some episodes alongside me because the show has a high level of rewatchability. Plus, now I know all the Michael Scott memes and gifs everyone always uses!

So now that I finished the 9 seasons of The Office, I honestly do not know what series to watch now. I’m in the fence between watching something dark, deep and crime/thriller related to counter balance the amount of comedy I’ve been watching, but at the same time I also want a lighthearted show that is similar to The Office. But for now, I’m still in a tv show hangover for a while.

Any shows that you would recommend? Do you watch The Office as well? What shows did you watch this summer? Let me know in the comments down below.





On another note…

This October, it will be 1 year since the start of my renewal of this blog. Though this domain has been running for over 6 years, I started book blogging and posting books, movies and travel posts only one year ago. Therefore I will be celebrating my first blogiversary by making a small form for you guys! In there you can send me your questions on me, my personal life, my blogging life, and my reading life. I will post a Q&A of all your questions in my blogiversary celebration. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time, so please go click on the picture below to fill out the form, I would really appreciate it.


20 thoughts on “Michael Scott has taken over my life: Summer TV Shows Recently Watched

  1. Loved this article! I actually watched The Office when it was still on TV back in the day, but fell behind on the last two seasons. I tend to always watch too much, so I usually fall behind on every show I watch at some point, LoL. I recently just started the second to last season finally of The Office, I forgot how much I liked the show. I miss Steve Carroll on it, but I still really enjoy the show. I get what you mean about feeling that “What do I watch now?”, LoL. I recently finished The Good Wife and I was super bummed when there were no more episodes.

    Love Brooklyn 99, so happy it got picked up by NBC!

    I really love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, LOVE on Netflix, and The Good Place for a few shows to recommend. I am a huge TV Nerd, so I have more recommendations but I don’t think there is enough space to list them all. LoL.

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    1. Thanks Jodi! I think the last two seasons are not that good at all, without Michael in it I just feel like something is missing.
      Thanks for all the recs. I watched the first episode of LOVE but haven’t continued it again. I also adore The Good Place, so excited for the new season to come!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I still like The Office either way, LoL. But I totally get what you’re saying.

        Oh, LOVE is a perfect gem! Definitely worth a revisit.

        I adore The Good Place! That season one finale was something else. I was in complete shock. The whole series is an amazing show cause it has had that ability up to this point to be able to keep surprising you in every episode. Can’t wait for season three in a few weeks! Glad to see another fan of the series =)!


  2. Yesss the Office! I started from season 1 and also found Michael’s character really grating. But around the middle of S2, something clicked and I realized Michael isn’t cingey because he’s mean-spirited. He’s just…really socially oblivious? Then I started kind of liking the guy! Plus he has some really sweet moments with the other characters. πŸ™‚

    Have you watched This is Us? I think it’s got a phenomenal balance of sweet and funny, and serious and heartwrenching. I cry pretty much every episode. πŸ˜€

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    1. Yeah, I also feel the same way about Michael! He’s just a really passionate and loving guy that’s sometimes annoying πŸ™‚
      I’ve never heard of This Is Us before! Thanks for the recommendation πŸ˜€

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  3. I got a couple of friends who vouches for the greatness of the Office, but the idea itself makes me cringe without even watching the show! I don’t know if the humour would work with me, but something deep down tells me it won’t! πŸ˜› Happy bloggiversary, Ayunda! πŸ˜‰

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  4. I am literally going to go watch The Office in a few minutes, yay, Michael Scott is the best and tbh I prefer Holly and Michael over Jim and Pam now. πŸ™‚ Holly really was a hollygram.
    Crime and mystery – How To Get Away With Murder which is on Netflix. It’s very fast-paced, they’re law students and Viola Davis is awesome as Annalise Keating. πŸ™‚

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  5. I re-watched the Office this summer too! I’ve made it my mission to re-watch the whole thing at least once a year (this was my third year, hehe). It’s one of my absolute favorite shows. The cringe humor took some time for me to get used to as well, and I hated Michael at first – but he grew on me so much as I kept watching. My favorite characters are Dwight, Kevin and Jim. 😁

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

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