My summer so far

Summer officially started somewhere at the end of June but the hot weather had already arrived weeks and weeks before. For me, the first weeks of summer was filled with scientific journals, writing for my final thesis, sweltering under the heat of the Dutch sun, enjoying the freedom of the holiday with my family, graduating and receiving my bachelor’s degree, and more traveling and vacationing.

36302483_2115697142012646_4476007559165116416_n     36286701_2115702852012075_8774804600193548288_n

Enjoying the sun in Barcelona


I graduated!

It has been marvelous so far. I personally dislike the headache-inducing sunshine in the midday of summer, and in general I just do not like warmth. But in July I had a lot of fun when I first went to Barcelona for five days, and when I arrived back home my stomach was filled with excellent jamon, my skin was a shade darker from the Spanish sun and from swimming at the pleasantly refreshing Mediterranean sea. We had a blast, exploring Sagrada Familia church, the Park Guell, going on a bike tour and a walking tour, visiting the crowded beach and strolling around the various markets of Barcelona.

After the quick trip to Spain I went back home with my mom and explored around The Netherlands (where I’m currently living) for a couple of weeks. Rotterdam was the predictable destination, of course. We went on a free walking tour exploring the history and architecture of Rotterdam, which was fabulous. My family and I also became tourists around The Hague and got on the Hop on Hop off Tourist Tram, routing through Scheveningen and all the way to the city center, where we also explored the centrum. Not to mention I went to Madurodam for the first time ever, and revisited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, which was amazing.

Then a week ago, we went on a family vacation to the three Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It is definitely a place where not many people go to, but these three small countries are beautiful and there was so much to explore.

36866230_2128074817441545_6017295026176917504_nThe beautiful cobblestone streets in Old Town Tallinn

36996338_2128085447440482_3363804805540610048_nThe view of Riga from 14 floors up.


Strolling across Vilnius Old Town with my family.

But I will not waste my time telling you about my week-long trip to those three countries just yet, because I will make separate blog posts about the main attractions in Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius as well as tips and tricks for tourists to travel there, for those of you interested to visit the cities in the future.

So, what to expect from this blog in the future?

  • Some travel posts about the Baltic countries;
  • An upcoming bookish post about a readathon I’ll be joining
  • A long overdue June wrap-up
  • Another bookish post about my highlights of 2018 so far

So stay tuned for more blog posts from me!




4 thoughts on “My summer so far

  1. Congratulations on your graduation! Wishing you happiness and success wherever your path takes you next. Looks like you’ve done some amazing traveling. I had the pleasure of visiting Barcelona a few years ago and loved it — I hope to see some of the other places you’ve visited on future trips!

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