Three Days in Tallinn, Estonia

Whether you are visiting Tallinn on a Baltic tour throughout the three countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, or just dropping by for a long weekend, Estonia is one of the most underrated and lesser known European countries with remarkable history, beautiful landmarks, and lots of opportunities to have a memorable summer holiday. I spent … Continue reading Three Days in Tallinn, Estonia

#24in48 Wrap Up

It's over! The 24 in 48 readathon was a blast, and I had a great time spending long hours in my bed being immersed in books. It's my first time participating in this particular readathon and knowing that in the weekend I will be generally free, I signed up. I'm so glad I joined the … Continue reading #24in48 Wrap Up

My summer so far

Summer officially started somewhere at the end of June but the hot weather had already arrived weeks and weeks before. For me, the first weeks of summer was filled with scientific journals, writing for my final thesis, sweltering under the heat of the Dutch sun, enjoying the freedom of the holiday with my family, graduating and receiving my bachelor's degree, and more traveling and vacationing.