Neither Here Nor There: Spring TV Shows Recent Watches

It’s been a while since I posted a recently watched post featuring TV shows! Although I adore movies, I occasionally watch some TV shows that are amazing and extremely memorable. In the past four months I tried many different series that have stuck with me, or just the ones I’ve given up on after the first couple of episodes.


Let’s start with the shows that just couldn’t live up to my high standards and that I didn’t continue watching:

  • Young Justice – something my boyfriend wanted me to watch, but after 10 episodes I wasn’t really pulled to continue watching.
  • Marvel’s The Defenders – only managed to watch the first 2 episodes but never had the urge to continue it, probably because I only watched Daredevil out of the five heroes.
  • End of the F*cking World – heard about the hype, tried watching the first episode, was too weird for me.
  • True Detective – it’s very interesting, but a little too dark and serious
  • Mindhunter – another interesting series around the same time I started trying to watch True Detective, mainly because I was feeling in the mood for crime series, but just didn’t gel with me too much.
  • Westworld – tried it because of the hype, but just couldn’t muster the effort to continue from the second episode. Though I have a feeling if I had pushed myself more I might like it.
  • Money Heist – tried the first episode, felt a little too melodramatic for me, I had expected something more like Ocean’s Eleven.


And now, let’s move on to the amazing shows I highly enjoyed this spring, in order of my least to my favourite.

  • Riverdale – have been following this since the first season with my housemates. It’s trashy and has a horribly drama-y plot, nothing I’m usually interested in. Honestly, I think this second half of the new season has gotten worse, and I’m only following this because my other housemates are watching it.
  • Erased – a random show we decided to binge-watch during the winter break, it’s interesting but not really my thing.
  • Queer Eye – I am not a fan of reality shows because I think they’re not real and fake, but this one was another one we watched together with my friends and it was fun to laugh with. It’s also nice to watch people so open with gay people.
  • Somebody Feed Phil – this is a wonderful travel, food series about a hilarious host, Phil. He’s very unique and goes around a lot of interesting places. Watched this one randomly here and there.
  • Violet Evergarden – a series my boyfriend encouraged me to watch, this was beautifully made and turned out to be something I really liked! The story was slow but touching, and the animation was just gorgeous.
  • Skin Wars – this reality show was yet another random show me and my close friends decided to watch whenever we don’t know what to watch during dinner or lunch. It’s fun and creative, but a little too drama-ish.




A random series me and my friends just clicked on Netflix one evening, and we ended up being pleasantly surprised that it was so good! It’s cute, highly relatable, and was very very addicting. Especially because I’m currently working in a full-time internship, Retsuko’s work life really resonates with me. Overall it was hilariously unique and adorable at the same time!So sad that there were so few episodes.

The Good Place

I briefly mentioned that I was watching this show last year, and me and my boyfriend loved it so much! The new season came sometime in the new year, and we were hooked. The direction where the characters are going has gotten much more interesting, and the entire cast were just wonderful. We waited for every new episode excitedly until it sadly ended with the finale.



This has always been a favourite ever since I watched the entire series from beginning till the end in my first year at uni. Since it came on Netflix me and basically everyone has been randomly watching episodes from the series when we don’t know what to watch.

Modern Family

This family-centered humorous show has stayed in my heart for years and years ever since I first binge-watched the earlier seasons on a 10-hour plane ride. I didn’t really keep up with the newest season, but would occasionally watch it if I have the chance. And whenever it shows up on Comedy Central I never cease to get a few laughs out of it.

New Girl


At first I didn’t think I was the kind of person who would enjoy a show like New Girl. It was very romance-y and the characters felt way older than me. But when I started rewatching it a couple of years ago I really fell in love with the characters, and since the my boyfriend and I watched this endlessly. We were so excited when the new season came up a few weeks ago, and we still continue to wait for the newest episodes to come on to watch together. I looove the uniquely hilarious humour they have!

Brooklyn 99


Another series I’ve mentioned in a previous post! Brooklyn 99 is back with its new season, though by now the finale has already aired. I love the characters and the dialogues in this show, and they are such a joy to watch. We were devastated when we heard it was cancelled, but now that it’s revived, I cannot wait to see more Jake and Amy. They tackled so many wonderful issues this new season, and had exceptional episodes week by week.

What tv shows did you watch this past few months? Any favourites?




4 thoughts on “Neither Here Nor There: Spring TV Shows Recent Watches

  1. Interesting post! I completely agree the point you made about Riverdale. When I first heard of it I though it would be something like the comics. It wasn’t even close to my dismay. Stranger Things was nice. I watched first season of 13 reasons why & though the plot was unique in many ways I only watched first season. I don’t think I’ll watch more of it. One of my favorites has been ‘Veep’, I absolutely love the whole idea of a female US president and to add to that the funny portrayal of politics makes it all the more interesting. American Horror story is also something my type; strange & dark.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard great things about Veep, might give it a try soon! I did try House of Cards and really enjoyed the first two seasons, but then the entire Kevin Spacey thing erupted and I stopped 😀 Thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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