Books I Started the New Year with: January Reading Wrap Up

January was a slightly disappointing month when it comes to reading. Added to that, it’s disappointing how late I am posting this! I had high hopes, resolutions and plans for this month and the rest of the year, but most of them fell short. This was mainly caused by a new game I bought halfway through the month: Stardew Valley, which I am still obsessed about! My farm has taken over my free time, and for the past few weeks I’ve been preferring playing on my laptop instead of reading, which was a shame. However, I did read several books and here are my thoughts about them.


Revival by Stephen King

Read my full review of this book on Goodreads.

20926342A lengthy novel about a man’s life from his childhood to his middle aged life, this is not just any thriller paperback you read on a weekend. Focusing on the main character’s relationship with his priest, his life and how it was shaped by different aspects, this book was thrilling, intriguing, and very well written.

King’s writing style is phenomenal and grips you throughout the entire 400-page saga, and it combines elements of religion, coming of age, family relationships, science, with a hint of surrealism. The main character was not personally relatable to me, but I really liked him and enjoyed reading about his journey of life, his romantic relationships, his love for his sister, his friendship, his career. Overall the book was unique from anything I’ve ever read, in a good way. It was exciting and always keeps me guessing.

4/5 stars

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Read my full review of this book and my thoughts on the audiobook on my other post.

27189285Aziz Ansari is most known for his acting in various TV shows, and his stand up comedies. His light, humorous personality and interest in romance, relationships, and online dating are once again shown through this nonfiction book. Here Aziz narrates with his characteristic voice his findings of modern romance: from how dating has changed over the years, to dating apps, sexting, finding your soulmate, to monogamy, and also comparing the dating cultures of other countries, this book is quite a thorough study on what it is like to be dating in the modern world.

With a great narration of the audiobook, and his concise way of stating facts and putting his point across, Aziz has definitely captivated my attention and though I wasn’t completely interested in the topic to begin with, I was never bored with what he was talking about in the book. It was fun to read, informative, and memorable. Overall a very enjoyable book.

4/5 stars

Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng

Read my full review of this book on Goodreads.

36205618I didn’t have too high expectations coming into this book, and I didn’t know much about the fantasy world Jeannette Ng has built. What you need to understand about this novel is that it is definitely not for everyone. It is unique to the point of weird, slightly creepy and dark, very filled with theology and religion, has some controversial and maybe even disturbing themes.

However, the writing in this book was phenomenal, and the way the world was designed and built was so intricately done, so extraordinary and just a pleasure to read. With a wonderful main character and twists and turns throughout the book, it is a long read and sometimes quite slow, but it was a wonderful book to read for me.

4/5 stars

Some great books to begin the year with! All of them were four star reads, they were all very enjoyable in their own way. My favourite book of the month, if I had to choose, is probably Modern Romance. Meanwhile blogging-wise, I did excellent this January! I posted weekly about books and movies like I planned, I also visited a sweet little cat cafe which I wrote about. My plans for February: play less, read more! I’m sure after a while I’ll get tired of gaming and the hype will slowly wear down. It is a really fun game, though.



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How was the start of your reading year? Let’s talk in the comments!


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