Recently Watched: December & January

December was the month of staying at home while rain patters through the windows, curling up under the blankets and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, and trying to decide which Christmas movie to watch. January was the month of excitedly going to the city center to catch a movie, binge-watching Friends with my friends on the couch, and browsing through my hard disk to find a movie I want to watch at night. I watched __ movies in December and January. Here are the memorable movies I watched in the past couple of months.

Note: I’m ordering these in from my least favourite to my favourite 🙂

Three Christmas Movies: The Night Before, Four Christmases, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas

For random moments during December, I had the sudden urge to watch Christmas movies I have never watched before. Somehow I came up with these three movies: The Night Before was an unplanned choice as we were browsing through Netflix trying to find and interesting Christmas movie. Though funny at times and includes some great actors, it wasn’t amazing.

Four Christmases was something I’ve never heard before, and as someone who is not a huge fan of rom-com type movies but do not mind watching them, I thought it’ll be a nice light movie to watch one afternoon. Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn actually make a cute couple and though the premise is a little meh, it was enjoyable and at least didn’t make me stop it in the middle of the movie and gave up.


And finally, one holiday afternoon, lying on my bed alone, I decided to finally find out what all the hype was about and watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Yes, I am a 20 year old who has never ever watched this movie before! All in all I did enjoy it. It was fun and funny, and definitely very Christmas-y. It’s sweet and has a great moral story, and overall I really enjoyed it.

The Commuter


A movie I only watched recently with my friends, I wasn’t very much interested when I heard about it and watched the trailer. Though I am a fan of thrillers, I’ve never watched any of Liam Neeson’s fast-paced, action-packed ones and I was never intrigued to. Therefore I came into this with low expectations, and I wasn’t blown away, but I really enjoyed it.

The direction of the movie slightly felt all over the place, and the story of ex-cop being put in interesting situations normal people wouldn’t have pulled off is a little trope-y. The ending was also a little trope-y, but the entire ride was interesting and the premise was quite unique. With an exciting mystery, though the overall story and the action itself was meh, it was a fun 2 hours.

The Greatest Showman


My boyfriend and I were both quite interested with this happy people singing and dancing movie ever since we randomly saw its trailer on the cinema before watching another movie. I was intrigued mainly because I wanted to see singing Zac Efron. With an interesting story loosely based on a real person, this movie boasts a list of brilliant cast: Michelle Williams, Zendaya, together with Hugh Jackman as the main character.

With a great combination of catchy songs, great choreography, and okay plot, this was a great family movie. Though I have heard some mixed feelings about the movie, mainly from this video I watched recently saying that the real person depicted in the movie, PT Barnum, was far from the kind loving person in the movie, I do admit that this movie was fun to watch and can be inspiring to a lot of people. A great story, though definitely not the real story.

Certain Women


This is a movie I’ve been wanting to watch for a long time, because women, and women directors, yay! Also I haven’t heard much praise or even much talk surrounding this movie, but I was still quite intrigued. With a slow pace and lovely music, this is a more of a character study of three women connected loosely to each other. They are workers, mothers, wives, lovers, students. They depict life as a woman and their relationships with other people. I really liked Michelle Williams’s character here, she is the one I could relate to the most and she slightly reminds me of my mother.

For me, the story was lacking and the movie left me feeling a little like, “okay, what now?” in the end. Additionally, it was slightly a little too slow and quiet, and some parts became a little bit boring because of that. However it’s beautifully shot and the actresses were marvellous.

Animation Rewatches: Lilo and Stitch, Moana, and Rise of the Guardians


This was something unintentional but throughout the span of two months I watched a lot of animated movies! I’ve always loved Lilo and Stitch and it was such fun watching it again with my boyfriend. Stitch is the cutest and I love the warm fuzzy feeling the entire story makes me feel.

Moana was a very recent watch but me and my housemates were in the mood to watch it. The songs were much catchier the second time watching, and I did realize that the story wasn’t that good at all. However Disney can never do anything wrong, and this movie was not my favourite Disney movie ever, but it was very well done.

Another of my teenage favourite was Rise of the Guardians. With great voice actors and and interesting and fresh premise, this movie wasn’t only fun to watch, I also found that it was very memorable. I didn’t forget most of the important events that happened in the movie, even though the last time I watched it was years and years ago. It shows that this was definitely a movie I enjoyed.

The Light Between Oceans


Michael Fassbender was mainly the reason I picked up this movie, but I have been intending to watch The Light Between Oceans ever since I’ve seen the positive reviews on the book. A historical fiction about a couple unable to have a baby and their dilemma between honesty and love was portrayed beautifully and brought up a lot of consideration and thought surrounding the themes.

It’s slow and lovely, has excellent cinematography, and the setting of the beach and islands, the sea itself, was just beautiful (or am I just a huge lover of sea that I always marvel on movies set near the ocean?). With a lovely story (and also a sweet ending!), amazing acting from both main characters, and on point directing, this was one of the best movies I watched this season.



A movie I wasn’t anticipating at all and had no expectations coming into the cinema, I was extremely blown away by how much I enjoyed it. This is Pixar’s latest stand alone movie about a boy trying to find his ancestors, achieving his dreams, and involves many beautiful themes like family, music, remembering the people who have passed away, while told in a unique perspective. With a lovely plot that is exciting to follow even for adults, beautiful songs and great characterization, I loved Coco and my entire movie experience.

Molly’s Game


Aaron Sorkin does it again! I’ve loved his writing in The Newsroom and The Social Network, and his screenplays are just amazing when done with the right actors, and I had high hopes for his newest movie, Molly’s Game. With Jessica Chastain as a tough, ruthless businesswoman who is both gorgeous and smart, this movie is filled with exciting premise on a peek of the gambling world I have never known about. The dialogues were excellent and the plot gripping, though there weren’t as many twists and turns and oh-my-God-that’s-awesome moments. It did make me tear up, it did not make me bored for a single second, and with characters that you love to hate, a story that feels so real and exciting, this was a wonderful movie to watch.

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  1. Well it’s good that the Greatest Showman was so fun- although yeah it’s strange that it’s funny thing that it’s based on Barnum. I’ve really wanted to rewatch Lilo and Stitch lately and I still need to watch Moana too! I’m glad Molly’s Game was so good.

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