Tried and Tested: Cat Cafe Bits and Kittens

Hello everyone and welcome to a new segment in my blog called: Tried and Tested! In this series of posts, I travel around the world to try different restaurants and review my experiences there to share with you, just in case you’re interested to visit the city one day!


A small cafe located slightly away from the busy city center of The Hague, lies a slice of cozy, adorableness filled with little furred friends. If you are looking to stay warm from the windy, rainy, gloomy weather of The Netherlands, and don’t mind getting some fur stuck in your clothes here or there, be sure of visit The Hague’s Cat Cafe.

Located in Piet Heinstraat, next to other cute cafes and small antique stores, stands De Kattencafe Ditjes en Katjes, or Bits and Kittens in English. Placed around four tram stops away from the city center, you definitely have to plan your day around this place if you really want to visit the cafe. Added to the fact that you might have to reserve your place and time, especially on the weekends, this cafe gets quite the amount of visitors with a limited amount of space.

As me and my boyfriend passed through the large window looking into the cafe, we already spotted three cats lounging by the window, waiting to be petted. As usual for every cat cafe, house rules are established for the visitors: disinfect yourself before coming inside the cafe, don’t feed the cats, don’t disturb them when they’re sleeping, and watch your children not to hurt the cats are some of them. Entering the tiny space you are invited with warmth lighting and comfy decorations – fluffy chairs, wooden tables with a tiny kitchen in between them. The cafe itself is not big – we have several tables on the ground floor and an additional three or four tables on the second floor overlooking the ground floor.

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After ordering some specialty tea they also sell in bags to bring home, I couldn’t wait to try and get to know all the cats. We chose to sit on the top floor with the table overlooking the other sofas and chairs below, and of course the cats. With the cats’ beds and playing areas scattered throughout the cafe, it was clear that the cats here were a fan of sleeping and not playing. I spotted only one cat on the second floor, silently snoring on a small chair in the corner. The rest of the cats were lying around on the window sill. I realized later why: it was warm and dry there, where the heater was located.

I took my time petting and scratching the fluffy cats around the cafe, and afterwards I settled back into my table and enjoyed my tosti. The menu they provided was not out of the world; a selection of breakfast menus, some sandwiches cutely named with cat puns, some toasted bread with cheese, soups, coffee, tea, and wine. The pesto, cheese, and chicken tosti I had was warm with wonderful bread, and the tea was served in a cute teapot with a cat ornament on top. The prices are very affordable and tasted great.

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The Cat Cafe Bits and Kittens boasted in its sustainability, claiming that most of the ingredients are organic or obtained from local suppliers. Working together with the local government, they adopted their cats from the Haags Dierencentrum, and the furniture and cat furniture are also secondhand or vintage. They also sell a handful of cat-themed merchandises: from t-shirts, totebags, mugs, and jewelry. It was a lovely concept, and the vintage decoration they provided gave a wonderful, cozy atmosphere to the entire establishment.


It’s not a huge cafe, and if you’re not that into cats, this is probably not worth the trip for you. But for me this is perfect, and I didn’t mind traveling slightly away from my usual places to hang out to visit the cafe. The cats look fat, happy and well cared for. The service from the two people serving us was lovely. I wished I’d tried to coffee to find out if it’s good or not, but the tea was good and warm.

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After sitting around and having fun watching all the sleeping cats for around an hour and a half, unfortunately we had to go. My heart was bursting with glee over the overload of cuteness, and as a student living in an apartment in a foreign country who is unable to keep my own cat, this is the only way I can actually own a cat, though only for a few hours. With a lovely and snug atmosphere, I will definitely go back to this cat cafe.


Have you ever been to a cat cafe?


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