Mulled Wine, Sausages, and Freezing Fingers: Düsseldorf

Hello everyone, in this post I decided to do something different and make this post as a more of a list of things I did in a wonderful, chilly day last Saturday. Enjoy!

Waking up before sunrise, not wanting to leave the warmth of my blankets.

Groggily dressing with layers and layers to keep myself warm.

Socks: gingerbread men. Shoes: black boots.

Catching my breath on the tram after running to catch it.

Blurred shadows far away, concealed by the early morning fog.

Back to warmth: stepping inside the bus.

Three hours bus ride filled with laughter and dark creepy mystery games.

The familiar comfiness of leaning your head on his shoulders.

Faded Christmas songs from the radio and a glimpse of snow on top of trees on the side of the highway.

The creak of the doors of Germany’s metro.

All-day tram cards.

Emerging to the bright loveliness of Dusseldorf’s Christmas market.


A momentary second of weighing out pros and cons of wearing gloves.

Pros: warmth. Fluffiness. Cons: Disability to properly do normal activities.


The hustle and bustle of people milling around Christmas market stands.

The familiar smell of grilled sausage.

Opening your gloves to hold your bun and sausage. That first bite of warm, savoury, chewy sausage you’ll never forget.

2017-12-02 12.40.02ANT_0749

Merely seconds after finishing the bun: “What shall we eat next?”

Rows and rows of cat-like mittens and slippers.

2017-12-02 13.18.39ANT_0787


Feeling the tips of your toes slowly losing feeling from the cold.

“I don’t think this is part of the Christmas market.”

Stopping at a McDonald’s to pee and warm up your face.

Warming up your fingers with a cute glass of mulled wine.

Wanting more gluhwein right after you finish your glass.


More walking.

Complaining about how much we have to walk (just a little bit).

Jewelry; leatherwork; champignons with garlic sauce; pork and onion bun; ice skating rings; Christmas tree decorations; warm apfelsap on tall glasses; chocolate.

Spotting the distinctive Ferris wheel from far away.

Taking pictures of our food and drinks.

Taking pictures of everyone.


Feeling the need to pee – again.

Getting hungry – again. Taking up time to decide on whether to buy more wine or get some crepes.

The way he gasps as we see a stand of smoked salmon.


Waiting in line for food.

Raclette; hot chocolate with whipped cream on top; Christmas songs blasted from various locations; stand roofs decorated with angel sculptures; a photo box; yet another sausage stand.


More walking.

Intertwined fingers.

Eyes constantly scanning stands to find a bookmark. Managing to find a wooden bookmark and smiling nonstop for finding it.


The bitter coldness of the air.

“What flavour do you want?” “What do you want?”

Sharing your last meal together: crepes with Nutella and banana. Smiling as you gobble up the sweetness and warmth of the dessert, and the sweetness and warmth of his smile.

Realising it’s time to head back to the bus.

Watching as the sky slowly becomes darker.

The way the Christmas stands sparkle with their bright lights against the dark blue evening sky.

One last stop at the metro station to buy a bottle of gluhwein for cold nights at home.

Sighing and sitting down in exhaustion as you finally arrive on the bus.

It was a wonderfully cold and lovely day in Dusseldorf, as we walked around the seven different Christmas markets around the town, eating various snacks and enjoying the festive season. Thank you Germany, please don’t be so cold to us next time 🙂

(Most) photos taken, as usual, by my lovely boyfriend Dimas.


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