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As an enthusiastic movie goer, I try my best to watch recent releases at least once a week. To have a monthly subscription of my local cinema is a luxury but also a motivation for me to get out of the house and watch more movies. Last month had a lot of good movies to review, so here they are!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a continuation of the famous hit by Matthew Vaughn, Kingsman: The Secret Service released in 2014. The trailer was magnificent, since I liked and enjoyed the movie, which has stuck to me for a long time.

It is wonderful for this second movie for the way it innovates from the first movie by expanding the scope of the location, making a villain that is as unique as the previous one, and adding character developments to the characters we already loved. While doing a lot of new things, it still retains the aspects we have come to love about the first movie: the humour, the action scenes, the eccentricity of the whole movie, cute puppies, and the gore. The moviemakers really did a great job of looking at what their audience liked in the first movie and improving on that.


However, what I think lacked in this movie is one simple but important aspect that made the first movie a movie we all loved, and that this new one didn’t have, and it is the selection/recruitment, boarding school, asshole-kid-turned-hot-professional feature. In the first movie, the main plotline is the selection of young prospective teenagers competing to become a Kingsman. We see the main character, the cute Eggsy (Taron Egerton), who was a brat and a jerk juvenile, learning about his skills as a spy and becoming the best from his fellow peers, while growing to become a man. With different tasks each eliminating contestants, leaving the last difficult task as the climax of the plot, it was exciting and nail-biting, and for me what I thought was what made the movie amazing.

In this second movie, Eggsy has grown into a classy man, highly skilled and has a long lasting relationship, and doesn’t play around anymore. That expectation for character development has grown, and so the movie makers have to think of other ways to make the plot more exciting.

Julianne Moore as the villain made a great added value, especially with the sophisticated setting of her lair, also with other unique locations throughout the movie like snowy mountains, the US, a festival… all added to the variety and richness of the action scenes. The small sideplots involving relationships between characters we already love, the unexpected but expected return of Colin Firth, and the addition of new characters, were also done well – I even think it was executed brilliantly, considering this is a sequel (and we all know how horrible sequels can be).

All in all, this movie was fun, action packed and the characters were wonderful. Sure, it wasn’t as amazing as the first one, and Channing Tatum only appeared for like 5 minutes. I still lost myself in the movie, and it always kept me at the edge of my seat.


However, a movie that didn’t keep me at the edge of my seat was IT, the famous horror movie we’ve all been waiting for. I love Stephen King, but I haven’t read his book It. Yet I was pumped to watch the movie, knowing it is definitely going to be good. I am not a huge fan of horror, but I do not mind watching them, and I went with my friends, all of us having high expectations.

The movie was definitely well made. The directing was superb, with great cinematography and focus on the content, while also showcasing amazing quality and not to mention, creating very scary scenes that just makes me want to cover my eyes with my jacket.

However, what didn’t work for me unfortunately was the length of the movie, and how somehow the movie just couldn’t really captivate me that much, so that by the last third of the movie I got slightly bored and started to wonder about when the movie will actually be over. Additionally, after a while the scary ghosts (and clowns) and all the horror-y aspects of the movie didn’t get scary anymore for me. This is something that I think happens a lot to me on horror movies, but I found that it doesn’t occur to other people.


In the end, with an amazing plot and characters thanks to the genius brain of King, the movie was very enjoyable and highly well crafted. Scary and thrilling, with a splash of humour and heartfelt characters, I definitely didn’t regret watching it at the cinema.


The most recent movie that I watched at the cinema was Wind River, a movie I didn’t even hear about before I scrolled to see what was on one day and saw this movie. The trailer was captivating, showcasing mystery combined with action, famous actors, a cold and silent setting, and something that’ll be up my street.

As I expected, the movie had amazing atmosphere, with creepy music and the feeling of being secluded in the freezing cold wind, even from the very start. The story is about the body of a woman found frozen in the snow, and an FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) was called to inspect the murder, working together with the local tracker (Jeremy Renner).


As they investigate, we learn more about the dynamics of this small town, how everyone knows everyone, and more specifically we get to know more about the two main characters. These two characters seem quite cliched – the FBI agent a young woman deemed inexperienced by the people there, an outsider who has never even gone to the location, and the Wildlife Service tracker a quiet and hard man with a dark past and a mysterious countenance. The movie really focuses more on these two, their internal and external conflicts, more than the mystery of the death itself.

The story itself is quite slow, until we get to the last part with lots of gun shooting, shouting, running, blood, and violence. It has a lot of graphic scenes, so trigger warnings for rape and other violences. The ending was beautifully acted, it really showed more characterisation and also makes us really empathise with them.

The overall feeling of this movie is isolated and chilling, emotional and captivating, and it was a great drama slash crime movie to watch with your loved ones on the weekend, if you have a tough skin.

What are the movies you watched recently and did you like them?

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  1. Thanks for the movies review. Completely agree with Kingsman. Didnt watch IT and dont intend to!. But plan to see Wind River now that you think it is good!!.

    Thanks again, please keep the good words rolling!!

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