My Favorite Book Covers

Note: Hi guys! Right now, I’m bored and I decided to post my top five books with AWESOME covers – well, for my taste anyway. Enjoy, and tell me your favorite book covers!

# 5: Flour Babies by Anne Fine

My copy of Flour Babies is very cute. I love the picture, and I also love the sentences at the cover. Simply cute 🙂

#4: A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

This doesn’t only have a catchy cover – the title is also very catchy! I like the story, and I love the cover even more! The colors just fit and I like the photo of the woman: it also matches the story and the title. I don’t really like the background though, I’d rather have it plain black. And also for the writing “Libba Bray”: I’d want to make it white like the title.

#3: The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

This book looks very mysterious and very catchy. I like the vines and the boy reading at the bottom, and also the title that makes the book a lot more creepy (and it is!). The red is also catchy. I like the comment at the very bottom too – makes people want to read about it.

#2: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

From the whole Twilight Saga book covers, I like this one the most. It’s the one that really connects to the story and also the title – well, for me. I also like the effects and also the color – black, white, and red. Very cute! And of course, I also like the world-famous story!

And, finally…

#1: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I simply LOVE this beautiful book! I love these kind of covers – I like the colors, especially the trees. I don’t really like the silhouette of the werewolf (if you look closely I’m sure you can find it!), but I really like the cute leaves. The blood on the “i” of the title is great too. I totally love it – so far, it’s my favorite book cover.

Note: So, I guess you all can guess what kind of book covers I like. I usually like plain covers with a main writing or picture. I don’t like covers with too much colors and pictures, too. I’m also picky about the title font and the illustrations.

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Ayundabhuwana, 02.08.2010

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