Our Fun Trip to Yogya

Note: Holidays are over, it’s time for a new school year! So, I’m going to post my assignments on grade 7 to you. One of them is this. Enjoy!


Our  Fun Trip to Yogya

The seventh graders went to Yogyakarta a few weeks ago for four days. We visited a lot of places, and had a lot of fun, even though we have lots of work we should do. Of course, we also learned lots of things, from the places we visited.


The first day we arrived in Yogya, we visited Keraton Yogyakarta. It’s one of the famous monuments in Indonesia. I visited it once with my family, but the memories are not too clear because I was still very young at that time.

The Keraton is a large place with a large yard. It has lots of buildings, like the place for gamelan show, or the place to put the historical artifacts. There are also buildings where we could see the kings who ruled the kingdom a long time ago with the paintings.

The yards were filled with trees and sand beneath our feet. The place is very clear and comfortable, though quite hot at afternoons, especially the time we got there.


We went to lots of places in Yogya. And because sometimes the places we visited are far away from each other, of course we need a bus. We can’t just walk around the city, right? Each class has one bus. Our bus was not too small, and enough for all of us, including Ms Diah and Mr Rochmat, our teachers who were responsible for us the whole trip.

The bus was not too cold, but at some times like when I just got back from Borobudur, it got very hot. The bus has lines of chairs pairing and a long line of chairs at the back. The back part of the bus was the girls’ territory. We didn’t sit on the same chair every time, sometimes we switched.

The color of the chairs are blue, and the bus has three exit doors, one near the driver’s seat, another on his left, and the other one on the back. The name of the bus is White Horse, and the color from the outside is gray.


Another place we visited was Gedhe Mosque. We visited it on the first day (I think…). It’s one of the famous mosques in Yogyakarta. It has a large area, and the interior is filled with gold! There are lots of interesting things, like a place where the kings or sultans used to pray there. Its roof was made of kluih leaves. The place is very interesting.

There are also big and beautiful lamps, and large windows. The floor was covered with carpet for praying, colored red. And if you look above, you could see the square patterns of the high ceiling made of wood.


On our second day, we visited Borobudur Temple. It’s a very large and famous temple around the world, because it was once one of the 7 wonders of the world. The temple has lots of stupas and high steps made of rocks. The reliefs in the temple are very nice, carved neatly by the people a long time ago.

Before the temple, we must climb and go to a large clearing from grass and we took pictures there. I remembered that once this place was filled with sellers, but now it’s empty. It’s a perfect place to take pictures in front of the historical temple.

The area was very hot at that time, and when we arrived at the top, I was already sweating from head to toe. But the view from above was amazing.

The temple was one of the highest temples I’ve even seen, and of course very strong, even though it was made a long time ago. It has lots of stupas at the top parts, and they said if we can reach inside one of them and touch the statue inside, you can get good luck. Every part of this temple was made by rocks, which is amazing for me.


On the last day we visited Yogya, we went to visit Prambanan and Sambisari Temple. They are both amazing temples too. When we arrived in Prambanan, the weather was a little cold and drippy. The way to Prambanan was not too long, but the place was beautiful. There are lots of high temples there, but there are only three main temples. But, we couldn’t visit some of the temples because they said the rocks were cracked, and the people there were scared something bad will happen to us if we come inside. So, I only stayed outside.

The way back from Prambanan was very long and tiring, especially after the long trip. There are lots of sellers outside the area, they mostly sell small statues, batik, or accessories with Prambanan themes.

Overall, the trip to Yogya was very fun and amazing. We spent a happy time there with our friends and teachers, and we learned a lot from our field trip. I hope I can always remember this trip.



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